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The SYMBOL, resurrected from the éS heritage line, has been updated for the fall season of 2019. This classic éS design has been reissued with advanced features, such as: STI Energy Foam MidSole for Supreme Comfort, Mesh Underlays for breathability, and reflective accents.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000169/375
  • Inspired by éS Heritage
  • Pull loop on heel and tongue
  • Molded Eyelets
  • Energy Foam Midsole
  • Molded Energy For insole
  • Herringbone Tread Pattern
  • 400NBS rubber outsole

SYMBOL reviews (34)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.68 stars

Average rating: 4.68 stars
No comply impossible 9/16/20 Philly

Comfy, light and durable. People compliment and ask me about the shoes all the time!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
David 9/11/20 Illinois

Love these shoes! Super good board feel, look amazing, and not as heavy as the look

Average rating: 4.68 stars
JHVAC 8/30/20 Indianapolis

These shoes are sick! I have the black as well. If you don’t like all the thin unpadded skate shoes on the market and need one that is solid, durable, padded and actually feels like you have a shoe on your foot then these are for you.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Beak 8/4/20 Pennsylvania

Good overall product. Nice fit. Looks good. Good traction.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Prodigy 7/1/20 585 Rochester ny

Good shoe deff would cop a ton if they had the blue gum sole .or just bring back my fav shoe acellorate

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Mike G 6/30/20 Syracuse NY

Dope shoe, it took a little bit to break them in in the toe section. Otherwise great shoe, already had a number of compliments!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Dab Marino 6/4/20 Rochester, NY

This colorway made it my 4th pair of symbols I have bought in the last 6 months. Only 1 of the 4 was not beyond stiff out of box. I recommend getting a half size up of you dont have a shoe stretcher. I love the shoe tho. Its hard getting the laces through as well.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Germ 5/27/20 Denver

Lightweight and super durable. These are the first skate shoes in long time that I didn’t have to shoe goo after a couple sessions. If y’all made them in black with an clear blue sole, I’d would buy all of em. Best skate shoe out rn!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Jaime Chaøs 5/26/20 Atlanta, Georgia

As my 5th pair of Symbol's, I love this model! The materials are dope, the colorway is legit and I love how these have the standard tongue centering straps as opposed to the gusseted tongue (not that it's a negative, just a little bit of a better fit for styling). Thanks for everything you do!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Dustin Scholl 3/19/20 Wisconsin

Some of the best shoes I have ever skated, the material lasts a long time

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Towner 3/12/20 Houston

Tank Status!!! These shoes last for-ev-er you can try but it might be impossible to put a hole in the eS SYMBOL. i f*** up shoes and have never put a hole in any of the pairs of SYMBOL I skated!!!! Theyre a bit tight in the toe box at first but no worries they loosen up.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Yoshi 3/10/20 Maywood

These shoes were worth getting their not going to be coming out any time soon again 💪🏾💪🏾

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Xavier 3/10/20 Ity Bitty City By the Water Slowly Getting Taller

Wu Tang Forever

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Who cares 2/23/20 Down skuth

Only four because these remodeled retros have been just het I needed in my life but TO WHOM THIS ACTUALLY CONCERNS:;;;;;::: I know there legalismvgg fit Jump

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Hess 2/22/20 Nashville

Love the shoes fits small. Only defects was the laces. a small cut and staid. too bad extra laces aren’t a thing like they used to be.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Aj 2/15/20 Lake Tahoe

Love them just as I remembered and hyped I got a pair and was feelin the color way too 🤙🙏

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Sully 2/11/20 Hartford CT

These shoes are absolutely dope, I’ve had them for a couple of weeks, no wear and the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. I film professionally too and they help a lot with filming tons of tries over and over again. The symbol also isn’t too big to where you lose maneuverability but they’re big enough to where you won’t tear through it in a matter of days.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Hess 2/1/20 Tn

The sickest grabbed two pair one to skate and the other to rock with the kapra jacket. Thanks for dropping the sickest shoes again. Tribo blue/gray og red og black Swift 1.5 gray/black/red slb black/red slb white/bland sesla white/black accel slim navy/brown square three red. I got Es in my name I rep these every day. Jés

Average rating: 4.68 stars
James 1/18/20 Canada

Shoe is really comfortable, feels like a pillow. Fits a bit small, I would get a half size up from your normal. The only problem is that the shoe Laces rip easily, Other then that this shoe is perfect. I've had them for one month and there still in really good conditions, shoes usually last me a month and a bit and these are still going strong. Can't wait for the koston ones remake hahah.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Vinnie 1/14/20 Australia

These shoes are dope, such a stylish shoe

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Bri 1/14/20 South Carolina

Shoes are dope but too tight. I ordered a 10 and they are squeezing my foot.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Harmonater 1/2/20 Denver

Shoe fit a little tight at first but breaks in super easy and couldnt be more comfortable after a day or 2 walking around in. Colors are bright and shoe is a classic

Average rating: 4.68 stars
naahant 11/21/19 SF

So fucking comfy and great for skating just like the old shoes... So glad ES is back!!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Cobra Cody 10/16/19 Oregon

Fit was a little tight at first, but after shoes broke in they fit like a glove and are extremely comfortable! Shoes look great and are made very well! Only have had them for a few weeks now so time will tell how well they hold up. First pair of Es shoes and I am very happy with my purchase. In this day and age it seams like companies are backsliding on quality and pushing quantity instead, it’s nice to see a company build quality products like back in the early days. So keep up the great work and making outstanding shoes. I will definitely be buying more shoes from you guys in the near future!!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Josh D 10/6/19 New Jersey


Average rating: 4.68 stars
FaT Marlin 10/4/19 Texas

Picked these up because they reminded me of the old school scheme. They finally arrived yesterday. They fit like a glove, soft and responsive right out of the box, tiny bit tight at first, but with in an hour they were relaxed and snug. My only wish is that I could find them with either solid black nubuck all the way around or black nubuck with a gum sole. Highly recommend these if you're looking for a slim, low cut gone glove like shoe.

Average rating: 4.68 stars
JPBeltreezee 9/25/19 Yuma, AZ

Cushy feel on the heel all day for work, but a little narrow on the toe box. Other than that, it’s a clean shoe! Will definitely buy another pair!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
LB201 9/24/19 New Jersey

Looks amazing and super comfy. And the tongues are actually fat!

Average rating: 4.68 stars


Average rating: 4.68 stars
Yoshi 8/24/19 Maywood

The Best Shoes in the Industry right now , Cushion feels like your walking on cloud Highly recommend them 💯💯💯💪🏽💯💯

Average rating: 4.68 stars
RasLivity 8/17/19 Charlotte NC

Loving these Reissues by eS! This reissue is a little different from the OG with the addition of the Scheme sole.. But Im not complaining! They skate great and look great in a sea of thin uninspired generic vulc shoes.. eS please keep these reissues coming!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Terry Hancrack 8/16/19 AZ fool

I ❤️ ‘eS This is a great re-issue, I don’t know why the other person gave this shoe a one star? The review was based off a photo not the physical shoes in person. Yes the scheme/silo sole was used although it is an exact replica without the air bubble. The one issue I do have with the shoes they run small. Whether it’s a re-issue or not the sizes fluctuate between to many shoes. That’s something that definitely needs to be worked on and improved. Overall another great shoe from the b’eSt!

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Garbage Bear 604 8/12/19 Whistler

Koston 2 colors with a classic look. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Average rating: 4.68 stars
Stephen 8/9/19 CO

Uses the same sole as the Scheme and Silo so it has a whole different feel than the original. Looks minimal in some places compared to the original but not a bad job. Good colorways.