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éS is excited to be re-releasing one of the most requested skate shoes in the history of skateboarding – The éS SLB. Designed by skate legend Salvador Lucas Barbier in 1996, the éS SLB is a timeless classic that encompasses style, function and pure beauty. As the first team rider on éS back in the 90’s, Sal has always had a huge influence on design and style within éS and the skate industry as a whole. Being the first skate shoe to feature an internal neoprene sock, éS continued to take innovation to new levels. Keeping the foot snug and locked into position, the sock helps to give extra comfort, support, and confidence in your skating.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000153/001
Color: BLACK
  • High quality leather with suede side panels
  • Highly durable and flexible outsole that provides the perfect balance of protection and board feel
  • STI Open Cell Foam insole for comfort and breathability
  • Triple stitched toe piece for increased durability

SLB MID reviews (25)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.96 stars

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Devin 2/20/19 Santa Cruz, CA

Tighttttt. 🍄

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Elliott 2/9/19 Boulder

Best shoes ever! Just a heads up, they run a bit small.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Colin Ain't White 10/15/18 Phoenix Arizona

I am confused this is not the most popular shoe because it's the most comfortable shoe I've ever skated. My confidence is very high when I skate in these shoes I'm never nervous ,I'm never concerned. Whether I'm carving doing impact doing flat ground all of its very comfortable.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Chu 9/4/18 Earth

Buy them now or you'll regret it

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Taiwaneees 7/8/18 Heverly HIlls, Belgium

Wow. Everything is coming back now. Today young skaters at the park wear wear slip-ons and alikes, leaving us - 40-plus sakters - a bit in the cold... What a joy it is to see 'our gear' from way back making their way back to us, albeit in a more adapted version. (We old geezers evolve too you know.) And just wearing these puts a smile on my face every day. If I can just have one gripe: it would be that I find the laces a bit too 'fine'. Maybe it's just me, but I'm kind of thinking those thicker rounded laces from way back... If only I could find them somnewhere :)

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Devin 6/1/18 The moon

Tighttttt. 🍄

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Lil Mac 5/8/18 Mesa Az

Can't go wrong with SLBs. Ever.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
gumbi 4/18/18 ct

love the way they hug my feet

Average rating: 4.96 stars
lo 4/16/18 nola

love this shoe, last me about two years before they started tearing at the front. I'm hoping to buy another pair soon. Highly recommend this shoe

Average rating: 4.96 stars
M dawg 3/13/18 San Diego

Best shoes I’ve skated in a long while. Good grip, good boardfeel right outta the box and they look dope too. Don’t stop making these!!!

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Francis Delisle 2/13/18 Québec


Average rating: 4.96 stars
ScrubaDub 11/28/17 burque

This shoe gave me a +5 in walking backwards as well as a huge improvement on my jump arch

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Thomas 11/24/17 Philadelphia, PA

BèSt shoes!!! I've had the Accel slims, the Arcs, and the SLB's and honestly every shoe is an amazing feel. From the true to fit size to the easy break in and awesome board feel, èS overall has THE BEST SHOES. Ever since their comeback thats all I've skated and it's better than any over priced Nike or Adidas shoe on the market. Just my opinion, but overall you should try them out and remember to support the original skater owned companies like éS.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
rådhuset 11/13/17 oslo

i feel like im in the 90´s again... so fresh &clean... thank you & keep up the good work... love the other colorways too

Average rating: 4.96 stars
afar25 10/18/17 Los Angeles

These shoes are awesome, they have a type of sock that wraps your foot, so you feel really safe, you don't even need to tie your shoelaces, which is great, because I like to keep mine loose. Also the shoe is wide which works perfect for me as narrowed shoes leave my foot in pain. Only complaint would be, no extra laces, and the insoles are good for a couple of weeks to a month, then flatten out

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Angel 8/1/17 Playas de Tijuana

They look amazing, super comfortable on a day to day. They skate like an upgraded Accel with the inner pressure lining. ES definetly has the best skate shoe formula and has had it down since the releace of the OG Accel and every shoe after.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
J-Train 5/31/17 Denver, CO

Perfect performance right out the box. Been waiting for the return of the interior sock, makes it fit and feel perfect without having to tighten the laces to an obscene amount. Cup sole durability with vulcanized flex and wear & tear is a slow process so far. Only thing, as with some other 'es I have had lately, is the laces could provide some more grip, as double knotting is necessary to prevent untying.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
stam 5/27/17 greece

classic awesomeness

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Samy 5/4/17 Nantes France

Buy one, first look, first test, and i decided to buy one more.... to éS team =>PLZ, create more colors ! So much confortable, so much style : '95 old riders' need more shoes like those !!! Thx éS and Sal B.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Marin 5/4/17 Croatia

Great shoe. Fit, looks and board feel are all on point. I would prefer a bit better insole but I still rate this shoe five stars.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
M****@ ninetyOneskateboards 5/4/17 Scotland


Average rating: 4.96 stars
burninghammer98 5/3/17 Mission Viejo

had to cop 2pairs, one to skate on, one to keep!

Average rating: 4.96 stars
burninghammer98 4/29/17 Mission Viejo

was super stoked when this colorway dropped, immediately copped them without hesitation!

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Marin 4/28/17 Croatia

It fits true to the size and it is very comfortable. It provides excellent boardfeel right out of the box. I feel that cushioning in the heel area could be better. Shoe comes with thin STI open cell foam insole and I think better option would be PU insole that is used in eS Accels and Etnies Marana.

Average rating: 4.96 stars
Surbspill56k 3/24/17 Trap house 8300 blok

Support is outstanding good board feel dont need to lace them all the way up the laces hold up for awhile before u actually need to change them just all around quality supreme comfort