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SESLA reviews (25)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.72 stars

Average rating: 4.72 stars
PeachTea 3/14/21 Germany

Best Skate shoes I ever wore. Durability is just on point between ollie area and sole, perfect flick, sustainability AND animal friendly. Please bring them back!

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Jimbob McTimbob 2/27/21 California

Y’all should definitely bring back the sesla. Great chiller/skate shoe.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Rob 2/28/21 England

Please bring those back. Need them in a white

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Late 4/27/20 Finland

I truly hope es brings these back someday, they are such cool shoes!

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Murdockin 3/19/20 Madison WI

Bring these back in warm grey! Ventilation is top notch. Very comfortable. Good cruisers. Look dope as well.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Julio.DeLaWares 10/20/19 Sydney City

Bring back the sesla for 2020.. the lace loops need a different material as they break and a gum sole without changing the white sti foam. Very comfortable skate shoe would buy many more pairs in different colorways

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Aussie 5/27/19 Western Australia

Absolutely love these shoes. Very comfortable, lightweight, breathable, cushioned sole, leather-free and designed to skate. Have had them for over a year and they've held up well, even skating 2-3 times a week. They're also suitable for a wider fit, as the shoe will stretch and conform quickly and easily, unlike leather shoes. I wore them hiking for 8 hours at a time and they were great, aside from being a little slippery. My only criticisms is that: 1. The side mesh tends to rubs and get wrecked from ollies (forefoot only) 2. The final shoelace eyelet must be external in order to stop your toes from getting bunched up, and so the lace has been getting damaged from doing ollies. It's a shame because they made it possible to run the rest of the lace inside the shoe for protection. 3. The textured grip on the undersole wears out too quickly and the shoe is then a bit slippery walking on loose or wet surfaces. It's still good on a skateboard as long as your deck grip is in good condition. It's a near perfect shoe, and I will give it a 5 star happily once those small design issues have been fixed in the next model.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Ethan 9/17/18 Concord

After skating these shoes for about a week and a half I was not very impressed with them, the soles wore down and I lost all my grip and I had to change the way I flick majority of my tricks and the thermothane on the toe started to peel off es is a great skate company but I was very disappointed with these shoes

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Danish 3/27/18 Denmark

You made a big scare in my heart when i saw that you didn't come with a new drop of sesla in your spring 18 collection. Now I check almost Every day on your website in hopes for a New drop. Sesla is The Best skate shoe since koston 3.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Jose 9/27/17 G town oregon isa

Great looking and fitting one of the sickist shoes oit today

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Irrelevant 9/26/17 Kansas

Copped these at Ross for $25 and i just shit after seeing the price. Very hyped, retarded good shoes I'd pay a bill for 'em

Average rating: 4.72 stars
bri 8/28/17 oregon

Awesome shoe. similar to earlier skate shoes style ( es koston 2&3 hybrid). Es needs to continue making these types of shoes as demand grows, evident by not being able to find Sesla in warm gray or black red color schemes. the sole of Sesla reminds me of koston 3 which is one of the most comfortable shoes in my opinion(right after nike zoom tre ad). I would have liked to have more padding in the tongue and hope to see more shoes in Es lineup with this feature. Finally I want to say this shoe is a welcome refresher from the boring vulcanized trend as of late. For what it is raw material wise, the shoes is not made of much so would like to see a 69 or $79 price, but I still bought them at 99 because the product is great, I can't say anything so thats whatever. Good Job Es on this shoe. When the other colors come in, I'm going to pick those up too btw. Thank you all. -BriBriDaSk8er

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Taylor 6/2/17 Vista,Ca

All around perfect shoe, super light, amazingly comfortable and lasts longer than any other shoes out right now.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
ESSHOESaregood 5/23/17 California

Really comfortable shoe

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Jlozano 5/17/17 Austin, TX

Great shoe - a perfect throwback to the late 90s / early 00s. Very light and flexible, minimal break-in time, the sole is very protective but provides excellent board feel. The runner to provides excellent flick and the toecap lasts a long time. Super stoked to have a sick, functional shoe like this that's also vegan/synthetic. More vegan/synthetic shoes please!

Average rating: 4.72 stars
oli 5/16/17 switzerland

one of the best skateshoes i ever had

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Jimbo 4/24/17 Tempe, AZ

This is my first pair of Es shoes (longtime Circa and Lakai wearer) and am definitely impressed. They fit very well and I sized a 1/2size up as recommended and it is definitely needed. Igot them in the black/white/red and they look sick. I am thinking about getting in other color(s) before they are gone.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Jerseyjohn222 4/23/17 Winston Salem nc

Love es shoes regardless of the model they are.. wish I could be on the flow team it's my dream

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Old guy 4/20/17 Chicago, IL

Very quality, unique shoe. A modern shoe with a nod to the tech of days gone by.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
es is sam 4/10/17 Hobart Indiana

Now in my opinion this is by far the best es shoe I've skated yet 👊✨👊✨👊Not only are they amazing but they also stay real clean for the skaters who care about that style to,man I can't believe how long these bad boys last,such an amazing feel to,I recommend these highly,I love this shoe es💯❤️💯these here are one hell of a skate shoe.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Hector 4/6/17 Yuma AZ

They last forever and are very comfortable but not much board feel

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Joni 4/3/17 Ostend, Belgium

Great service via UPS, fast delivery and amazing quality! I love my new éS Shoes!

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Elkaboose 3/15/17 Vancouver, BC

Sexy as it gets!

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Shue 2/26/17 Fort Worth, TX

Most comfortable shoes, I own five pair.

Average rating: 4.72 stars
Christian 2/25/17 California

Hell yéS on these! One of the best shoes I've skated.