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CONTRACT reviews (27)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.74 stars

Average rating: 4.74 stars
noah 11/10/20 austin tx

Keep making this shoe

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Samy 12/15/19 Samy

Nice, very Nice shoes

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Harold 9/22/19 Owla

One of the best looking shoes ever made in my opinion. Especially the Creager. Most importantly, these are the most comfortable shoes I have skated in after 2005. The middle of my foot is very wide and most of the skate shoes nowadays are very narrow at the middle (at least most of the sports company shoes). In these I don't feel the stinging pain in the base of my foot that I get from Nikes and Adidases. The sole is sturdy enough to primo a nollie hardflip and not injure my foot. Still, the board feel is great and I can skate these straight out of the box. The stiching should be better in the ollie pad, though and I get holes from kickflips pretty fast in comparison to the great overall durability of the shoe. I got samples of the Wade colorways in spring 2018 and I'm still walking in them in 2019. The white/light grey versions are like tanks and are more durable than the suede versions, naturally. I would recommend these for everybody, who has wide feet but feels that the Accels and other older models are too padded and clunky for skateboarding. I really hope they would continue making at least the Creagers, maybe with a little improvements in stiching and extra layer of suede on the toes for flips.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Laurent 9/12/19 Paris

Nice looking. I was expecting it tu be a little thinner bu it finally looks great with a denim jean and a T-shirt. Standard delivery was really fast,

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Kliko 8/1/19 Amsterdam

Love em

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Cloudmastagabe 9/23/20 West Covina

The durability is good because the leather went down to the outsole, the leather made it more solid and the only thing that the shoes needed was a little more padding towards the collar cause it pinched my Achilles. Hopefully the other shoes have the same features as this shoe.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
KK 8/18/20 Bay Area

I am a big fan of Tom Asta and Kelly Hart, so I bought this pair of shoes. These shoes are stiffer than I expected. It has too much padding to protect your foot, which is safe for your foot, but it loses the board feels in the beginning. I spent some weeks getting used to this feeling and waiting for it gets softer.The durability is good, so far, flicks and ollie haven't torn the shoe. The outsole grip is outstanding, given is a cup sole shoe. The impact absorbing is fair, I don't think I will jump stairs with this pair.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
David 8/15/20 Home

These shoes are so damn comfortable and my tré flips feel so nice

Average rating: 4.74 stars
zackaboiii 8/13/20 Bakersfield California

Perfect condition

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Lefty 8/4/20 Milford CT

Great fit and wear

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Dripjuat416 7/10/20 Toronto Canada


Average rating: 4.74 stars
Nate 6/6/20 New Mexico

I love the overall support of the shoe. The style and the fit of the shoe is amazing. The break in period of this shoe is minimal.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Jim 6/4/20 Florida

Comfort and style.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Sara W 5/27/20 HOLLEY NEW YORK

awesome shoes and customer service!!

Average rating: 4.74 stars
DGKPOPS 5/1/20 Davis, CA

Amazing shoes, great fit, plus Kelly’s face looking up at you is a bonus.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Shiro417gunpla 2/26/20 Hell

The idea behind this shoe is so cool had to get it to support Kelly!

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Chiefgoldchainz 2/23/20 INDY

Light, grippy, quick break in and just wide enough for all day comfort!

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Freddie 2/2/20 Mia

Year after year after 10 I need extra laces with your shoes

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Harmonater 1/2/20 Denver

Love the colorway super comfortable for a slim shoe skates really well can really feel the grip for flip tricks

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Ray 11/14/19 Houston, TX

Love this shoe !!! Comfortable as shit and has great flick. Es please make more of these

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Denyer 11/6/19 Santiago, Chile

Best shoes i’ve bought in quite some time, had them for almost a year with daily use and sometimes for bmx and mountain biking when i’m not feeling the 5.10’s. They aren’t the most comfortable shoes to walk all day, but it’s better than previous Vans, Converse and DC’s; I’d say they are near the Adidas busnitz which is enough for me to not notice any pains when hiking or running. For me they’ve been surprisingly durable and definitely will buy another pair if I find another in Chile. Awesome to have ‘Es back in the game, wish you guys keep going strong forever.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Wyllito 10/23/19 San Marcos, TX

Phenomenal job on this shoe. Its not only very stylish but it also skates really good, only complaint is that I wish it came with better insoles but that wasn't much of a problem cause I just used my old FP insoles.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Camilo 4/15/19 Miami

Super uncomfortable...can’t walk for too long with those shoes with out feeling stones in it, look pretty but only for a picture not to wear.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Danny 4/5/19 Minneapolis

The shoes fit great and are super relaxing. Also the huge sense of nostalgia, to be wearing a Ronnie shoe from this company is pretty cool.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Mikey 3/2/19 Inland Empire

I would throw crazy money for the old throw backs of Ronnie Creager originals. Wish they can make them again like the schemes.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Eric 1/26/19 Illinois

Awesome shoes

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Solo 1/23/19 Chicago, IL

This shoe fit really nice and true to size. It was snug and had a solid amount of padding. The flick on the suede near the toe was really good. I thought the leather would give me problems but all the areas of wear were on the suede. Lasted me about two months of constant wear, skating almost every day. 8.5 out of 10