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Introducing the NEW eS ARC - Simplicity, function and beauty combined. The ARC features unique and subtle THERMOTHANE perforation pattern around the one piece toe design to improve durablity, flick, and style. Add the STI open cell foam insoles for moisture wicking comfort with the 400 NBS rubber vulcanized outsoles to combine for the ultimate in boardfeel, durability, and flex. A perfect fit for those looking for the right balance of form and function.

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ARC reviews (22)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.91 stars

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Tish 7/28/19 New York, New York

I ordered the wrong size and when I contacted them to change the size. They gave me a wonderful response of "Yes!". I was so happy with the service of getting the shoes (which are very comfortable) and I am super happy I decided to get them. Amazing service and amazing product.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Kevs 7/27/18 Winter Park

Great board feel, great look great everything

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Jay 3/31/18 vegas

fun shoe, feels 90% broken in out of box. top lace hole isnt protected as i would like, but overall amazing shoe with great board feel for an incredible price. likely will buy another pair or 2 to keep clean because I also appreciate the aesthetic

Average rating: 4.91 stars
The alan 12/28/17 Sylmar , CA

Dude you guys have been such an OG skate shoe brand. Always been supporting before you guys went out of business and then came back. Great shoe. So comfy and it got me laid for making me look so fresh

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Justice Smith 12/27/17 Portland, OR

eS is everything its hyped up to be. Great product that truly feels innovated by skateboarders for skateboarders. This particular shoe, the Arc, has been great so far. Feels like a slip on, which i love, but with added support from the laces. I was originally hesitant om the stipple toe-cap, but it has both outlived and outshined my expectations. Im very pleased, as its not even too grippy! Plus, the suede is high quality. My only gripes are the vulcanized sole, and the non removable insole, but perhaps i should have just invested in a cupsole, which is usually my skating preferance amyways... will buy again!!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
David Clark 12/26/17 San Diego

They look sick, comfortable and they have STi foam (the basic kind, nothing compares to the 2009 STi DTTF!). The lace holes are out of the way and the creative toe studding helps with grip and durability. és is best, by far. The Arc is steezy.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Cody T 12/26/17 California

Been wearing és since I was 8, now 19 and the quality has only gotten better and better never disappointed with a pair of shoes from you guys. És for life!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Rob 10/28/17 San Francisco

This is one of the best new vulcanized shoes ever! Flawless board feel/grip and a clean flick. I love it! The only thing that's weird to me is the lacing system. It seems only natural that this shoe be redesigned into a sophisticated slip-on, bringing it to its full potential! You guys need a slip-on in your line anyway. Please make this happen. Thanks dudes! SoleTech for the win!! Support skater owned!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
arqjmen 10/16/17 guate

nice shoes, insoles dissapointed me a little bit

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Mario 9/21/17 Norwat

Great boardfeel, love the rubber-dot-thingis!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
LSteury 9/17/17 Indiana

My son loves these shoes! Wears them every day!. They clean up easily and hold up well for active lifestyle!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Kris 8/18/17 Palmsprings ca.


Average rating: 4.91 stars
elkaboose 7/11/17 Vancouver, BC

This shoe is about as clean as any vulc shoe can get. Usually I'm a fan of cupsoles, so this one had to stand out to leave an impression. It definitely did. I really liked the previously released "Accent" and this one was like an upgrade in comfort. I'm more of a heelflip guy so the dots aren't getting their full use with me but they add a great durability feature without taking away from the sleek look. Would definitely cop the other colours! Well done once again, éS!!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Raynor 6/25/17 Austin, Texas

Comfortable and lightweight

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Keaton 5/20/17 Little Rock

Comfy and light. Haven't skated them yet, waiting for my accel mids to blowout completely. But the one piece toe and bumpy things seem like they will hold up well to abuse.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
burninghammer98 5/2/17 Mission Viejo

my first pair of èS vulcs since the Square Ones, these are broken in asap and ready to kiss griptape!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Hammy 4/25/17 Ohio

Love them so much. They grip the board so nice. Glad I bought them

Average rating: 4.91 stars
JOSHWILKENS 4/21/17 Corona, CA

Super lightweight, amazing board feel with great flick. Low profile and looks great too. Perfect for skating tech. Have had these for almost a month now while skating everyday and they're still solid. éS is the béSt!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Booger 4/21/17 New London mn

Sweet kicks

Average rating: 4.91 stars
es is sam 4/10/17 Hobart Indiana

I have yet to try these,but I'm definitely loving the smooth clean look on these,es keep killing these designs,I can't wait to get these bad boys,there gonna skate good I'm sure,nothing but love to the only shoes I wear👊✨👊✨👊

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Dennis 3/31/17 Germany, Bavaria

I'm really happy that éS make great shoes again! Thank you!!!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Dillon Krueger 3/22/17 Thomaston, CT

Best shoe out, keep killin it és fam 👊🏼