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ACCEL SQ - BLACK - hi-res
ACCEL SQ - BLACK - hi-res
ACCEL SQ - BLACK - hi-res


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Inspired by one of the most requested éS shoes, the Square 2, the Accel SQ rings classic éS design on a vulcanized outsole.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000143/001
Color: BLACK
  • Part of the A-Series: Classic éS design brings together timeless function and style
  • Microsuede for proper heel hold
  • STI open cell foam for foot contact,board feel, cushioning, and control
  • Premium Suede Upper:High quality suede made for skateboarding
  • One piece toe design to last longer,400 NBS Gum rubber outsole to last longer
  • This shoe runs 1/2 to 1 size bigger, be sure to order 1/2 to 1 size smaller than you normal.Feel free to contact customer service with any questions.

ACCEL SQ reviews (28)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.93 stars

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Vato 11/23/18 Australia

I love this shoe I had 8pairs now every store is out of stock. Please make more please there the best shoes ever!!! Thank you for making them!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Randy 10/3/18 Kansas

BéSt shoe. Probably my 10th pair now 🙌🏾

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Tristan 6/13/18 Tampa Fl

G shyt one of the best skate shoes I've ever had definitely going to go eS from now on. And shout outs to Kelly Hart homie kills it and of course Tom Asta and Wade desarmo

Average rating: 4.93 stars
ianman 4/17/18 Salt Lake City

These shoes got me laid

Average rating: 4.93 stars
_chubsface_ 4/3/18 Benton AR

They are so amazing can't wait to get more

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Sam 3/4/18 Minnesota

Super comfortable shoes! I normally wear Stephan Janoski's and these are way more comfortable. I can't say much about durability, because I just got them, but they seem to be constructed very well.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Owen 2/22/18 Minnesota

These shoes have impressed me. I ordered some because I needed some new skate shoes for penny boarding. They are incredibly comfortable, stylish, and they are GREAT for skating. I’ve been wearing them for a month now and they still look brand new. I’m not even exaggerating, they look like I just pulled them out of the box. Highly recommended.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Tolchock 2/20/18 Bakersfield

Super dope. The shoes are comfortable and look so fresh. The old I was a fan of almost everything that they’ve made in the past and the future looks bright es. These Accels have just the right amount of padding and give you a great feel for the board. It’s funny because I don’t like the way a lot of skate shoes look these days, so it’s cool to see that es keeps it simple and solid. Also as skateboarders we HAVE to support es! Other wise Nike and Adidas will run the game.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Norskater 2/13/18 Texas

I am happy to leave this review because I ordered these shoes online and I fell in love with them. They are literally the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I refuse to even skate in these! It’s the only pair of shoes I have that I don’t skate in. If you’re looking for a super comfy fit and cool look, this is the shoe for you. 10/10

Average rating: 4.93 stars
oroirio 2/8/18 Belgium

comfy shoes !

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Bowly 1/31/18 Seattle

Quite literally my favorite show purchase in years. Go a half size smaller than your regular size. I wear these for work. So comfortable and the grey on grey goes with anything.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Robiflavin 1/10/18 Phx, AZ

I have RED shoes but no burgundy/wine shoes. These are dope. Comfy but functional work or chill. They fit great loose but I could still lace them up and ride at any point. Worth the black friday half price.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Arrozco 12/27/17 Wasco

My dad loved them! Made a great christmas 🎁

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Childoffreya 12/21/17 Knoxville TN

These felt great out of the box! I wear them daily and evwn have done so while at metal shows. Best skate shoe I've ever had, will always come back.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Gastón 12/25/17 Spain

Super comfortable shoe, excelent design and built to last

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Hazin 12/4/17 Normandy, France

My 4th pair of accel ( classic / sq / mid) in a year, and the only shoes i wear since I-Path died and éS came back in stores! Just lovin' those accel classic, throwing me back in my teenages.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Meech 10/28/17 Cali

The brown / Tan of these with the red heel area are hands down the best I wish you still made that color scheme. I searched for another pair after you stopped making them and the only single pair I could find were in Europe and didn't ship to the U.S.clearly a winning shoe, everyone that saw it bought em and are practically none left

Average rating: 4.93 stars
WeirdWithoutABeard 10/12/17 San Francisco

The best fucking shoes! Please keep making these forever. I know this is just a basic, slimmed down, pretty plain vulc shoe, and thats not necessarily what es is all about, but, however....YOU GUYS NAILED IT! This is an essentially flawless design that literally injects more steez into your skating and everyday life. There's only one issue I had with my pair, and that was the laces being unnecessarily long (serious issue, I know). Love you guys! Thanks for helping my skating <3

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Jonathan 10/10/17 Houston

Bought these shoes and instantly fell in love. Needed shoes bad and ordered 9.5 but they we're to big instead of sending them back I decided jistbto wear them and reorder the correct size.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
@Blaqxaq 9/12/17 Columbus NJ

All time favorite shoe! Perfect mix between vulk grip and cushioned impact support. No panels to rip off these are a go to for any skater. Keep the colors coming you guys!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
nenad 8/10/17 Austria

Third pair. Love them. Soles wear off under the big toe quite quickly but that's typical to all vulcs.. Upper is tough enough and general feel is great.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Liam 8/19/17 Philly

I absolutely love these shoes second pair I've had, bought these because they looked nice and ended up skating them. Sturdy and comfortable.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Skylar Hunt 8/14/17 Jeff City Mo

Im buying 3 pairs right now. My first skate shoe was the Craiger pro model, I skated a couple pair of og accel when i was young aswell. Scooped the slims up and skated 3 pairs to death. Instant break in, so I Bought a few others for chillin, the sq and slB2. The Sq skates so freaking good, wears nice and looks so steezy. I just went through a new pair of reynolds g6, and Neen Williams Circas and for me neither of those are as nice as an es accel or acsel sq. On and off board, I love this company. Thank you

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Comfy Gang Entertainment 7/13/17 Columbus, OH

Tried almost all the shoes on the market. Love the flick and board feel on these shoes. Not the most durable skate shoes on the market I have bought, but the best skating shoes by far. I would recommend these shoes to anyone. Literally skated these, tried all the other brands, and CAME BACK to these shoes. That is when you know they are special.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
triffter 7/5/17 Switzerland


Average rating: 4.93 stars
Skatemore 6/28/17 90640

Great. nice colors .feels nice comfortable 💯

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Tinu 5/5/17 Romania

Cool shoes, slim & lightweight. Hands down the best cushioning I found in a skate-shoe so far. Make sure to follow the sizing instructions in the description; they run a good half size larger. If I have to be picky, I don't really dig the tongue; most of the time I don't tie my shoes, so a firmer, elastic strapped tongue would have been preferable. Unless you tie the laces snugly, the tongue will slide on the sides. Whatever. Overall, a good shoe.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Drew 5/2/17 Las Vegas

Love these shoes! On my 6th pair now, praying they never discontinue these, 'cause they're my goto! Awesome board feel, quality construction, and pretty damn good lifespan. I skate every day and these guys last me a good 3-5 months per pair. The soles are super comfy; nice feel:protection ratio. Laces snap in an hour, but that's pretty normal. Get yourself some Lifetime Laces for these puppies and I guarantee you'll have the best kit for your feet! Killer shoes eS, thanks again!