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Average rating: 4.5 stars

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Emericaridr11 12/22/18 Denver, CO

Head to toe eS!!!!.... fit me very well, all hoodies are too pricey I think so I waited until this badboy was on sale (black friday 50%) and it was well worth at least $30

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Slavka 12/21/18 Deutschland

Alles Prima Danke

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Miiike 12/4/18 Illinois

All I gotta say is it’s a super comfy hoodie

Average rating: 4.5 stars
andyberude 11/28/18 San Francisco

This would totally have 5 stars but the fit on mine was snug. I ordered a medium and while labeled a medium it for sure fits like a small. The hood seems to be for a medium but the body is small. Maybe a defective garment but it’s obvious when I wear it that the body and arms are small and the neck opening and hood are not. Sucks. I have 18 pairs of eS in my closet and one hoodie because I’m afraid to order another one. It’s uncomfortable but I push through it so I can match. It’s much smaller than all my other hoodies that are mediums made from similar materials. Bummed. I can’t find any shops that carry them either so I can’t try on first. 😞