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The original Accel by éS is one of the most iconic and legendary skate shoes in the history of skateboarding. The new Accel Slim is an update for today's new generation of skateboarders.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000144/976
  • Centralized foot wrap for board control
  • STI open cell foam for foot contact, board feel, cushioning, and control
  • Natural rubber outsole design for maximum grip and flexibility
  • Premium Suede Upper: High quality suede made for skateboarding
  • 400 NBS Gum rubber outsole to last longer
  • Part of the A-Series: Classic eS design brings together timeless function and style

ACCEL SLIM reviews (41)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.98 stars

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Javi 12/7/17 Las Vegas

Super comfortable. They feel well made, like they'll last a long time.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
La'Monte' 11/16/17 Cincinnati, OH


Average rating: 4.98 stars
Buyer 11/13/17 France

Top shoe. Tongue is elasticly maintained. Sole protective. Shipment to France easy as pie. Will order again !

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Ben k 11/10/17 Dirty south

Very comfortable, love the gum sole with the slate grey!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Squib 11/7/17 Copenhagen

Everything you would expect from an updated classic. Effective cushioning and ankle support. Happy to be back exclusively skating èS.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Gdawg 10/30/17 Arizona

Its an awesome shoe it lasted me a long time. The shoe fits comfortably the first time you try it on! You can feel your board pretty well

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Gene 10/27/17 Alvin tx

The accel slims are the best shoe iv ever skated and the gum sole is the cherry on top ! Love es best shoes ever

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Pars 10/17/17 Jersey Shore

YYeeeww !! eS are the best, always will be. Thank you for re-releasing a classic, in a time period that really needs it! Thank you for making a shoe that does not look like a f***ing boat shoe. This is skateboarding people

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Blake 10/12/17 N.C.

Maybe the best design for skating period. Classic look will never go out of style. One of my favs.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
andyberude 9/22/17 San Francisco, CA

These are one of my all time favorite shoes. The Accel Slim is just right looks wise. Sizing is a bit short though. I wear a 12 in most shoe brands but these get real narrow right at the start of the vamp. The material under the suede crimped at a couple bend spots and dig into my pinkie and big toes. It's a bummer cause I can't wear them because of it. For the first 10 minutes they were just a little snug and were glorious. Then the material crimped permanently and digs into my toes. Ever since it's been almost unbearably uncomfortable. I muscle through it sometimes because they look so good. I even bought another pair in a different color to see if maybe I got a defective model or a fluke crimp but it's the same on the second pair. My god are these beautiful though. Maybe a 12.5 would work but that's not an option and historically for me, 13s are too big. Oh well. I guess if your foot is wide and you're a 12, you may have to skip this model unfortunately.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
austin jimenez 9/21/17 anaheim, ca

Extremely comfortable!!! I love Es footwear because it has a classy style to it where any one in any life style would complement this company. It also has me reminiscing of the Koston, Creager, and Muska days.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
juice 9/16/17 El Paso, TX

Awesome shoes, love the color and you can never go wrong with Accels or Accel slims

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Skater97 9/11/17 28358

One of the greatest skate shoes of all time. Tried and true themy first choice for 20+ years. Love the white leather and gum .. as well as black/gum .. WE NEED ALL RED WITH RED LACES PLEASE!!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
ALBABLA 8/28/17 England

I absolutely LOVE the eS Accel Slim, and this colourway is very nice indeed. It is a clean and stylish look and feels great...even more so when you replace the stock insoles with the eS Energy Foam Insoles. Can't wait for more colourways....pastel pink and pastel blue suede versions next please eS. :)

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Boss L 8/22/17 Naptown

Great shoe. Really holds up with every day wear and tear. Comfy to stand in all day while working. Lightweight yet solid. 💯

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Paul 8/11/17 Middletown, CT

Skating these bring me back to when I was skating the OGs 12-13 years ago! Love them.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Angel 8/1/17 Playas de Tijuana

They look amazing, super comfortable on a day to day, have yet to skate them but they have all the "accel" attributes!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
EDDIE M0NS00N 7/29/17 Carmarthen, Wales, UK

This slimmed down version of the classic Accel is just the perfect shoe. I have been a lifelong lover & supporter of eS. When they were re-reborn their new styles didn't disappoint, including the Accel Slim!. Excellent flex, longer toe piece (but without that pointy pixie boot look that some skate shoes are rocking), super comfy, durable, & that classic Accel style which will never age. Thank you eS for make a great shoe even greater!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Skate96 7/29/17 Los Angeles

These shoes are fire🔥 Af they're durable and comfortable with a stunning look. Love the way these shoes skate my 6th pair of éS shoes already, and hands down my favorite and perfect skate show in my opinion❤️💪

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Jeremy 7/28/17 Colorado

The accel line has always been my go to for skateboarding and everyday shoe. You guys continue to amaze, thank you!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
elkaboose 7/11/17 Vancouver, BC

This shoe is sexy as hell. With a clean, sophisticated look they stand alone when you're just chilling. The leather accents are a great touch and make that éS logo pop! Of course, skating them is like any other Accel Slim - money. Love the toe, the flick and the classic lines. Board feel is great. I think this shoe is a classic and I get excited every time a new colourway drops! Keep 'em coming!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Dude 7/11/17 Phoenix


Average rating: 4.98 stars
Dom 7/11/17 texas

One of the best skate shoes I've had. Always my go to!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
triffter 7/5/17 Switzerland

Very nice and compact shoe!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Skeet feet 6/17/17 JCMO

These mu4kers are awesome.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
@mvdigiaimo 6/10/17 Brazil

Best shoe ever (or at least since K3)

Average rating: 4.98 stars
CPRAY 5/16/17 Westfield, MA

So comfy! Haven't skated them yet because there too fresh too scuff up so soon. Kelly Hart did do 100 tre flips in a row in these though and barely showed any ware, so I'm sure they will be hitting my grip soon. Thanks Don & Kelly!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
vUlpeS 5/15/17 Armchair

During my +30 years of skating, I can say with absolute certainty, that this model is the best that I've EVER had. - Dear management; please don't ever discontinue the maroon and the black on black model, and please don't go out of business ever again as I'll be absolutely shattered (all over again) if that were to happen.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
David 5/6/17 Michigan

This is the 4th pair Ive bought and i couldnt be happier with them. Very good board feel and the protection is great. If youre looking for a quality shoe that will last you a good amount of time buy this shoe. If anything just buy es. These guys are skaters making shoes for skaters. You cant go wrong with them.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Pat 5/2/17 Arizona

Best skate shoes ever, on my 5th pair! Just a heads up though the white/gum are leather, not suede like it says in the description.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Pup 5/2/17 Lubbock tx

These shoes are fire. Absolutely love them. Comfortable also .thanks

Average rating: 4.98 stars
stam 4/13/17 Greece


Average rating: 4.98 stars
es is sam 4/10/17 Hobart Indiana

Another amazing shoe,these are good right out the box,the board feel is amazing In this shoe,and I'm definitely getting these bad boys,yup your boi about to be back on the streets,and what better way to come back wearing the best skateboarding shoes out there,in my opinion again,es skateboarding for life👊✨👊✨👊 This Navy Brown and white super clean look,I can't wait to get a pair of these to.I'll be back in style you already know💯❤️💯

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Kearney 3/18/17 U.K.

Best shoes I've ever skated, missed és while they were gone! Recommend these to everyone. I'm on my fourth pair!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Chris 3/16/17 Maryland

I mean, cmon- it's an Accel. They're quintessential skateboarding shoes. You look down at your feet and think you're about to switch heelflip a picnic table...before you realize that you're washed up and your switch heelflips bounce off the ground at this point. Coming from years of vulc shoes the grip isn't as good obviously , but the boardfeel is very close. A great cupsole. My only gripe would be that they run small and I'd say order a half size up.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Chris 3/16/17 Maryland

I mean, cmon- it's an Accel. They're quintessential skateboarding shoes. You look down at your feet and think you're about to switch heelflip a picnic table...before you realize that your washed up and your switch heelflips bounce of the ground at this point. Coming from years of vulc shoes the grip isn't as good obviously , but the boardfeel is very close. A great cupsole. My only gripe would be that they run small and I'd say order a half size up.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Pd 3/16/17 Clarksburg wv

This shoe is great third pair ive gotten. Es has the best shoes it dont matter what ones u get

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Krs 3/15/17 Desert hot springs

Does this shoe really need a review? It's the accel lol they are my favorite shoes to skate ever. Cup sole with board feel .

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Elkaboose 3/15/17 Vancouver, BC

The colourways are non-stop fire. If I ever win the lottery you stand to inherit a very large sum of it.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
DK 3/8/17 SF

My favorite skate shoe. Breaks in fairly quick and has awesome board feel and support. Easy to slip on but still keeps your foot locked down. The sole lasts a surprisingly long time. Awesome shoe

Average rating: 4.98 stars
soshoallyunfit 3/8/17 Zushi, Japan

Somehow eS has made the Accel even better with the slim design. I love how I feel and how it looks when I wear the shoe.