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Standing the test of time, the Accel OG is the most iconic and respected skate shoe in the world. Worn by the greatest skateboarders, the Accel OG continues to progress skateboarding to new levels of innovation.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000139/001
Color: BLACK
  • STI open cell foam for foot contact, board feel, cushioning, and control
  • Premium Suede Upper: High quality suede made for skateboarding
  • Perforated suede quarter panel
  • 400 NBS gum rubber outsole to last longer
  • Part of the A - Series: Classic éS design brings together timeless function and style

ACCEL OG reviews (33)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Ian 12/6/17 Roseville, Michigan

Hands down best shoes I’ve ever skated. I order the Accel Slim Mid Top Wades and while I do like them, I really prefer the OG’sfor skating. It’s super comfortable, and just overall durable, will probably continue solely buying these shoes for as long as ES makes them!

Average rating: 5 stars
marcm 12/5/17 Vermont

I'm not a skater: I'm a middle-aged mineral physicist who gets around in an Audi S4. I bought a pair of Accel OGs a few years ago, mostly because they're black and understated, which had become very rare in casual footwear (what my generation used to call "sneakers" back in the day), and very reasonably priced. They languished in the back of my closet for a long time. I started wearing them regularly early this year, and I love them. They're probably the most comfortable footwear I've ever owned, and they look great with jeans and a black top. In fact, I wear them so much that it's time for a repurchase (they're still structurally fine, but I'd like a crisp new pair). Thanks éS!

Average rating: 5 stars
Papiflacko 12/2/17 FresNo ,killafornia

On my MAMA !THE GREATEST SHOW EVER.IN 1999 MY SISTER gave me a pair i was skating some SHAQS at the time I specifically remember her saying " if you wanna skate like the pros Tom penny you need reaI skate shoes".Been in love ever since.the new style skate shoes are to light and tight. accels have so much comfort from the thick toung to the inside padding i am an amputee on my left foot toes and it gives me the protection that helps me to skate to my full potential . I just bought a brown pair last week and I can't tell you how many older heads in cali are hitting me up shooting props. THANK YOU slow tech! It literally amazing how the shoes make me feel when I skate take me to 90s.

Average rating: 5 stars
Wille 12/1/17 Helsinki, Finland

Best skate shoes what i have ever had.

Average rating: 5 stars
Edgar 11/28/17 Boston,Massachusetts

The rating stars only let me put five but if I could I would give you 10! These are the most comfortable shoe ever . I love the padding to it and the board feel it’s just what I like ! They’re great for impact in my opinion and for gettn tech . I’ve gone trough 4 pairs of accels and I just ordered some more ! You guys are truly the best company !

Average rating: 5 stars
Juju 11/26/17 California

These are the most durable, comfortable shoes I have skated in 23years. If you skated in the 90’s you already know the deal, these are the shoes to have, worth every PENNY :)

Average rating: 5 stars
Nick 11/23/17 Nj

Love these kicks man wore em as a kid skating now I rock em on the regular best shoes in the game long lasting sole aswell

Average rating: 5 stars
dino 11/15/17 split croatia

what can i say about the best shoes ever,they feel like slippers inside and when you are on your board like a tank . thank you guys so much.kelly hart and don brown.

Average rating: 5 stars
Conscious corey 11/14/17 Colorado

Love these shoes I got pretty wide feet and a lot of skate shoes run narrow so I have a hard time finding shoes for skating and casual wear so I was stoked these classics came back because they have a wider fit most likely going to make a other purchase of these

Average rating: 5 stars
solj2112 11/14/17 Canada

The Accel has always been the best shoe out there. Timeless design. Timeless durabilty. Everything a shoe should be for skateboarding. Nothing can compare.

Average rating: 5 stars
Thebest 11/13/17 Thebest


Average rating: 5 stars
Dee 11/10/17 Palm Springs

This 45 year old love's the OG's. Best shoe on the market hands down. Please never stop making them !!!!!!!!!!

Average rating: 5 stars
Ben k 11/10/17 Dirty south

Started wearing this shoe over 15 years ago. Seeing Tom Penny andd other pros rockin these in a lot of videos. OG for a reason. Mad comfort and definitely one of the illist shoes ever made!

Average rating: 5 stars
J 11/4/17 Az

Have always bought the og accels. Will continue to buy them. Like walking on a cloud.

Average rating: 5 stars
Dan 10/14/17 Massachussetts

Always loved these shoes. Glad they're back

Average rating: 5 stars
Charly Foulkés 10/4/17 England

I’ve literally bought nearly every pair of éS shoes and the Accel OG’s stand the test of time, I must’ve had 6/7 pairs of these, before éS closed down in 2010/11 and since they have started again I cannot pick a fault with the Accel OG’s, I use them for my skate shoes, Bmx shoes, work shoes and everything else in between and I wouldn’t change them for anything else, all in all, it says it in the name, Accel OG, they are the most OG shoes and they will continue to be for the rest of time, one note to add, the colour of the Brown/Tan/White shoes,the tan in real life is more of a mustardy yellow than a tan colour, however I think they look even better than the picture on here, other than that they are the best shoes I’ve ever worn and I will continue to always wear éS shoes

Average rating: 5 stars
orionskate 9/10/17 croatia split

Best shoes ever ,i only skate accel og.

Average rating: 5 stars
Joey 9/1/17 New York

Sick color way! Es is the dopest skate shoe brand ever!

Average rating: 5 stars
kropino 8/31/17 CZ


Average rating: 5 stars
Pete 8/23/17 Scotland

Order arrived promptly. Just what I wanted, size exactly right. Thanks

Average rating: 5 stars
Chris 8/16/17 Bucharest, Romania

Awesome shoes! Even though I haven't bought them specifically for skateboarding, they are extremely comfortable, have a very good and durable feel and they fir perfectly! Wearing them when it's super hot outside might feel a little too hot, but other than that you will love them. Also the shipping was exemplary, they arrived on point as estimated on the UPS Website. Thank you ES!

Average rating: 5 stars
Jon 7/27/17 Medford OR

Literally the best shoes I've ever had. I wish more manufacturers made high quality shoes in brown suede. Keep it coming ES!

Average rating: 5 stars
Chris 7/21/17 Bucharest, Romania

They arrived exactly when UPS estimated, which is a huge plus! They are super comfortable, like the moment I tried them I was super impressed! I sometimes miss the size a bit when I'm in a store shopping for shoes, but these I got them online, first time and they are rock stars!

Average rating: 5 stars
Papa Tone 7/13/17 The mitten

One word- Classic. Still kills anything on the market today.

Average rating: 5 stars
Jonathon 7/4/17 Medford OR

Absolutely recommend these shoes. I had a retired skater recommend these to me, who had the Brown Gum version, bought in the 90's. Coming from a non-skater, these are indestructible.

Average rating: 5 stars
Gee 6/11/17 UK

The best shoe I have ever bought!

Average rating: 5 stars
T 5/31/17 NorCal


Average rating: 5 stars
G code 5/25/17 Az Rez

Og's got bigger then I remembered. Still love em!

Average rating: 5 stars
Brenden 5/17/17 Washington DC

Really great shoe, feels super comfortable when you first put then on. Really durable and good for skating. Plus they just look really sick. Love these shoes!!!

Average rating: 5 stars
Ivaylo Dimitrov 4/13/17 Sofia, Bulgaria

I've been using this shoes from 2010. The most comfortable shoes I've ever used. Thank you

Average rating: 5 stars
Honker 4/12/17 Kabsas City

Thrse be sone comfy ass shoes.

Average rating: 5 stars
KanyeWest69 3/28/17 United States of America

I can't really give a review on these shoes because I've only skated them for about two or three weeks, but so far they don't even have any holes. I had another pair of the same shoes but they where black, before I bought these, and they didn't even rip until 3 months after using it, and the insoles are amazing because they absorb impact instead of reppelling it like Nike or Vans insolses. I've been skating for 4 years now since October 28 2002 and I've tried many different skate shoes, but so far these are the best skate shoes I've ever used. If you want to see me Ollie down a big gap with these shoes go to my Instagram @danieldellsb and look at my 8th to last post.

Average rating: 5 stars
Fr0y0tac0 3/23/17 potosi, MO

Great shoes skated them for about a month as usual still no rips or tears just a few scuffs and I've skated the shit out of them!