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The SLB 97 is one of the most demanded styles for éS from skateboarders around the world. This 3rd signature designed shoe from the legendary Sal Barbier, helped push skate footwear design and style to new standards

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000155/110
  • STI open cell foam for cushioning and control
  • Thermothane Ollie pad for greated abrasion protection
  • Molded tongue fitted to foot
  • Centralized foot wrap for board control
  • Natural rubber outsole design for maximum grip and flexibility
  • Premium suede upper: high quality suede made for skateboarding
  • 400 NBS gum rubber outsole to last longer
  • Suede/Action Leather

SLB '97 reviews (33)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.97 stars

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Bryant 2/12/18 GA

I meant the Achilles tendon but yeah my entire foot feels great in this shoe. Purchase again? For sure.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Big Derrick 2/10/18 Canada

Out of the box this shoe feel great, it has a thicker sole than the accel slim so it’s a sure winner for the older guys. Really hoping to see a white and gum colour way in the future.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
chuck 2/8/18 michigan

great shoes! just as good as I remeber

Average rating: 4.97 stars
2B 2/7/18 Oakland CA

Amazing shoes! thanx for everything!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Matt 2/7/18 Ny

Best fuckin skate shoes!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Bryant 2/6/18 GA

The talus cushion on the inside is top notch grade a comfort I've nvr skated a pair of shoes with that luxury two thumbs up players

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Shekky_shabazz 2/6/18 Tennesee

Best shoes. Always. Function, style, durability. Love es and everything they do.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Rhino 2/6/18 California

Best skate shoes I’ll be buying es forever !

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Debar 1/13/18 Wisconsin

You guys are killing it keep up the good work and keep making the throwback models of the og kicks because that's what time it is. Thanks for keeping it real

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Iriemonn 1/10/18 San Francisco

Love this shoe! Please don't stop making this style

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Hadley 12/27/17 Los Angeles

Great shoe, good fit, grippy, holding shape well after about 5 sessions, had to add a very thin insole to keep things snug tho after stretching out a lil. Lot of compliments and dudes wondering what brand of shoe because of minimal logos, which is one of the reasons I bought. Pretty stoked on these.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Aaron 12/24/17 Dallas,tx

Love the shoes they grip like they should perfect for skateboarding

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Hernandez 12/21/17 Effingham il

These shoes are so comfy and I love the look, I haven’t yet skated these yet but I know they would skate great and seem durable.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Schmeck 12/21/17 Portland

Shoes skate nice right outta the box and who wouldn't want to support Sal!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Piotrekhc 12/22/17 Staffordshire

Im in love with those shoes amazing!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Dannyk43 11/30/17 California

I love it that you guys are listening to your customers and coming out with some of the shoes people loved. This is one I missed out on when it was available for the first time, but i snagged a pair now. Good job guys, keep up the great work!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
rådhuset 11/13/17 oslo

loved them.. stackin up... hope to se it in white where the black is to.. .. the only color i never had back in the day... thanks for givin me that 90´s feel, and be able to proudly wear skate shoes again...

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Tyson 10/29/17 Seattle

Please make these in everstich. Such a classic design. Needs a vegan update.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Andy 10/10/17 Medford Oregon

Love these slb 97!! Even better in person!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Denis Bee 10/5/17 France


Average rating: 4.97 stars
CPray 9/21/17 Westfield, MA

Unreal, super comfortable, instant grip straight out the box. Would love to get sent a free pair so I can continue to skate these & have a pair to try and get a date.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
smjeremy 9/20/17 North Carolina

Best shoe ever! They're super comfy just walking around and they break in with ease, they're super grippy and really light and the board feel is amazing. Overall it's the best shoe I've ever had.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
george 9/14/17 michigan

i fuck w your shit tough bro

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Mao 9/13/17 Elgin, il

Best shoes, wish I could get the other 5-6 other badass models I'm always checking out. I usually get a half size bigger for super extreme comfort from the start, great all around.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Benjamin 9/12/17 Long Beach New York

These are a great all around skate shoe for me..they look nice and are sturdy..the soles have awesome grip and they take impact well

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Yann 9/9/17 France

Great shoe

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Mati_E 9/8/17 France

Thinner than the original, it's not the same I weared from 98 and kept 10years. About this one, it's a classy shoe with little pads to block the heel that work well. Great sole and good quality top. I use contrasted black flat lace to give a older style look.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
M****@ ninetyOne Skateboards 9/7/17 Scotland

So so good! Go buy some!!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Brunri 9/7/17 Umeå Sweden

My childhood dream!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Adrian 9/2/17 NC

Very Durable and comfortable. These are my favorite shoes out right now and already have two pairs. For an in-depth review look for my YouTube vid.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Fattah 8/27/17 Singapore

I'm loving the fit on these re-issue model!! can't wait for more OG colors to drop!!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Josemill 8/26/17 Gresham Oregon

So glad es has brought back my childhood fav skateshoes that i could never afford being a ppor kid growing up. So glad for the sal 23, and sal 97s and of course the sweet accels ogs the real deal bo flat skate shoes for this ripper lol lpve to see the muskas rerealese and old koston 1s whould blow my mind. Thaks E's!!!!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
LeviStormDickinson 8/17/17 Arlington WA

Dope ass shoes eS' so glad you guys brought these back , shoes are super sturdy and flick great rite out the box , they look fresh and skate fresh, would be super sick if u guys came out with a all black pair I would buy a ton of those , but one thing these shoes are missing is sticker pack and more importantly a extra set of laces... I SKATE , And I shred laces, where da at eS'