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The beautifully crafted SILO SC is a kickback to one of the top selling colorways of the infamous éS K1 1997. Integrating synthetic leather and mesh for breathability, built on a STI Energy Foam midsole and wrapped within a double cup outsole that éS pioneered for skateboarding in the 90’s. This combination of materials and colors brings emotions of the best times in skateboarding, and will continue to keep this legacy alive.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000180/145
  • Inspired by éS heritage
  • High quality breathable mesh
  • STI Energy Foam midsole for supreme comfort
  • 400 NBS rubber Double cup construction
  • Iconic 90’s éS branding and coloring
  • Game changer
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Vegan

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SILO SC reviews (8)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Charles 5/18/21 Logan, Utah

I never write reviews but in this case I absolutely needed to. The first thing I would say is the the shoe straight up feels broken in right out of the box. Also the fact that the gum and grey ones came with red laces really made the shoe perfect. Worth every penny and I'm definitely getting more.

Average rating: 5 stars
TS 5/16/21 Michigan

100% True Comfort ! Legit for Daily or Ripping on a Board !

Average rating: 5 stars
Fat Marlin 5/15/21 Texas

From the symbol to the schemes to the quattro's, I only skate és shoes. Nephew has a pair of the original silos and I was impressed with the durability, I got the quattro's for a slimmer kick around shoe but ended up skating them because of the board feel with these soles. Just got the black and gum soles. Haven't skated them yet, but on just putting them on and I can tell these are going to be magical to skate. Fits perfectly to size, the slightly higher arch support feels like my whole foot is supported. Keep cranking these out!!

Average rating: 5 stars
J. 5/8/21 Philadelphia

Good nostalgic feeling with this shoe. The outsole is the same as the new Quattro, which is great. Toe box is bit bigger than the Quattro and similar of the Accel Slim. Definitely in my top 3 currently with the Quattro and the Evant.

Average rating: 5 stars
Sam CRF 4/4/21 Riverside California

look awesome style reminds me of late 90’s early 2000’s És shoes which is why I bought them, they are also very comfortable and grippy with great board feel. This my first pair of Silo és shoes and hope to see more Silo SC version in all black and navy/gum and other variations,love the New soul style makes the shoe look better.

Average rating: 5 stars
Derek 4/1/21 Seattle

These shoes are %100 butter!

Average rating: 5 stars
Brian 3/19/21 Huntington beach

One of my favorite shoes...more room in the toes than the Quattro but the tongue sits up a little higher...please drop the white SCs with blue soles. I saw somebody at sk8 park with them but no idea were she got them

Average rating: 5 stars
Jonser892 3/11/21 Ontario california

I just received my shoes and I honestly couldn't be happier .fit to size perfectly,and so light and comfortable. Next to the scheme it's my favorite shoe.five out of five .