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Inspired by retro éS styles the Evant is set to be a future classic and another shoe to lead in design, function and performance.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000171/003
  • Durable rubber cup sole
  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Triple-stitched toe cap
  • Thermal-formed toe reinforcement
  • Protective lace loops
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Molded STI Energy Foam insole
  • Lycra tongue centering strap
  • Full Grain Nubuck

EVANT reviews (36)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.97 stars

Average rating: 4.97 stars
boz 5/1/21 Land down under

These shoes are the bomb.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Dre 4/27/21 NM

Amazing shoes, best in the game.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Robby DTE 4/21/21 Kennebec County, Maine

Awesome shoes. comfortable. durable. good looking. and Vegan! High quality product, Good job on this shoe guys

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Kay 4/13/21 USA

Slick shoes. Might not even skate them. I feel like I’m in the early 2000s again with these sci-fi space shoes.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Alex G 4/2/21 PA

The Evants are incredible. The K3 were always my favorite es shoe so I was so excited when they came out with these.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Steven 3/13/21 washington dc

love the Evant Vegan!!! Please make more colors/styles of the vegan versions.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Steve Ochoa 3/9/21 Stockton Ca

I loving the new Vegan line of shoes. It gives us vegan skaters a way to support our favorite skate brands without creating unnecessary harm. Keep it up ES!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Simon.L 11/29/20 Netherlands

Very good comfort, quality of materials is good, very beautiful design. The sole is a little thin over time but remains correct with the thickness of the outer sole.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
NickBenza 11/27/20 Italy

These shoes are so nice it's almost a pity to skate them, anyway I'm skating the third pair this year, they are pretty solid and lasted me one month more than the average cupsole. Good ankle support and forget about heel bruises! Fit is a bit large, so don't worry buying half size less. Really good shoe in every aspect, even if it costs a bit more than the average skate shoe every cent is worth it

Average rating: 4.97 stars
M. 10/28/20 Luxembourg

The red Evant ranks a bit below the suede and the weaterized ones, being a little less soft and having inferior laces. Other than that it's still a great shoe!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
00shorty 10/2/20 Cornwall


Average rating: 4.97 stars
M. 8/20/20 Luxembourg

This review is for the tan suede Evant. This feels like a high-end luxury edition of the Evant. The suede is extremely buttery! This version of the shoe might just be too nice to skate. A special mention for the rope laces is in order. This is the best type of lace and the hints of orange add a perfect touch of colour to the shoes. I have a wide foot and I found my regular eS size to fit just fine. The softness of the shoe prevented me from feeling the dreaded "forefoot pinch". This version of the Evant just might be one of eS best (re)releases, get this shoe!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Ch 7/13/20 France

Top resurected skateshoes great perf and look i ve no breatk ability problem with it and the celsius il already hitting 32°c

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Noël 6/24/20 Roosendaal Netherlands

Very nice and good looking shoes. Fits very well, well designed and well made. It has been quite a while that I found shoes this great! Really happy with them!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Chris 5/15/20 Germany

It gets nearly similar to K3. I love it!!! Only wish to have more colors to choose.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Sali_man1 5/12/20 London

Thank you for listening and making these (almost the same as) Erics original K3s. Been looking for 20 years now

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Matt 3/26/20 United kingdom

Classic és delivering the goods as always these took me right back to the K3 days!! ❤️ Shoes are super comfy like always 15/10 would recommend 💯

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Boneless 720 1/28/21 Oregon

Most comfy skate shoe i've owned so far, the good folks at és really did a phenomenal job on the vegan pack and this by far is the star of the three, so so happy the és is doing more vegan friendly options and I cant wait to see more in the future

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Leethedamager 1/15/21 New York

Best vegan skate shoes I've skated in a seriously long time. They hold up! Most of them rip through in a session or two. These things last which I really appreciate.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Johnny 12/19/20 Texas

These are incredible. Just the right amount of puffiness for a skater of 20+ years, good boardfeel, and durable synthetic toecap. Feels so good to skate some sick shoes (unsurprisingly, they feel pretty similar to the K3s from back in the day) and stay consistent with my vegan lifestyle. Thanks, eS!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Big Dub Deezy 12/4/20 Manhattan, KS

These might be the most comfortable skate shoe I’ve ever worn. They are great for working out before skating, and great on the board as well. Definitely the most comfortable skate shoe I’ve ever worn for working out. 10/10 would purchase again

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Germ 11/28/20 Denver

The perfect shoe for having a sesh before work.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Kevin m 11/24/20 Beaverton

Just like all és shoes theyre ready go out of the box with zero break in time

Average rating: 4.97 stars
BaeShuvs 11/21/20 Chicagoland

Some of the best all-around shoes I've ever worn. Comfortable if you have wider feet, and amazing board feel. I didn't even want to skate these, but as soon as I hopped on, there was no turning back. Will most likely purchase again.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Cheatcode shoe 10/29/20 Mesa AZ

(Tan colorway)By far my favorite shoe! Last’s long and looks good! I recommend using crazy glue on the stitching where you flick so it wears down smooth and lasts even longer. Seriously I love the flick in these specifically I have the menikmati ones as well but it’s just different idk.. get this tan color way over any other!!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Dab Marino 10/29/20 Rochester, ny

Love this shoe

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Leno 10/11/20 Iowa City, IA

Best new silhouette I've seen for a while...and with this colorway can't go wrong, es holding it down

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Charles Rodney Lines II 10/11/20 Upland, CA

They're so good! Proper colorway, just in time for Fall!!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Ian 10/7/20 MI

These are great right out of the box. Super comfy and supportive. The perfect amount of puff bringing me back to the day! These are exactly what I've been wanting in a shoe for some time. Support real skate company's!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
DaBolt 9/26/20 ColoRADo

Been skating the Evant all year and no complaints! Its sweet to have a version of the K3, my junior high self couldn't be more stoked! They skate out of the box and are durable.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Mr Coopa 11/3/20 Florida

Look and fit great! Feel good right out the box. Love the red color way on this shoe. Shipped fast as well!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Sawyer 10/27/20 Eau claire Wi

Buy these shoes! The comfiest shoe I have ever worn. I have accel OGs and Quatros. But something about these shoes especially the tan/gum They kill it! Love these shoes and they fit true to size. Keep killin it Es!

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Dab Marino 10/7/20 Rochester,ny

Love this shoe

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Dezbot 1/6/21 Sydney Australia

Sweet shoe. Love the style, reminds me of their older styles in early 2000s. Now I want all the colours. Snug comfy fit, feels like I should go skate as I know I could definitely feel the board quite well w these kicks.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Velo 11/4/20 Tahoe

Very comfortable! It’s like a cloud on my foot. Skates well too.

Average rating: 4.97 stars
Deezy 10/16/20 Brampton Ontario Canada

Skated then right out the box 📦 love them