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The SILO is an evolution from top éS heritage styles. With an on trend chunky, yet refined look, this amazing design will look amazing on and off the board. Key features are STI Energy Foam MidSole for Supreme Comfort, Mesh Underlays for breathability, and reflective accents. LOVE IS IN THE AIR..I MEAN ENERGY FOAM!! THE NEW eS SILO IN HOT RED IS INSPIRED FROM OUR RICH AND PASSIONATE HERITAGE IN DESIGN, INNOVATION, AND SOPHISTICATION. IF YOU LOVE COMFORT, STYLE AND FUNCTION YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THE eS SILO AS THE SYNTHETIC NUBUCK/SUEDE/MESH UPPER ARE LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE AND ANCHORED TO THE DESIGN THAT éS HAS PIONEERED FOR OVER 25 YEARS OF PREMIUM SHOE MAKING.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000167/600
Color: RED
  • Inspired by éS heritage
  • Energy Foam Midsole
  • Pull loop on heel and tongue
  • Full-Grain leather
  • Molded Energy Foam insole
  • Clear Crystal Sole
  • 400NBS rubber outsole
  • Muckmouth Inspired Colorway

SILO reviews (39)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.9 stars

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Life1134 2/7/20 New York City

These shoes are sick. They feel amazing. I would buy them over and over again.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
skateAZ 2/2/20 AZ

Amazingly comfortable shoe, skates great with some classic colorways. Four stars due to durability although still last 2-3 months with heavy skating. GET THIS SHOE!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Jon peck 1/19/20 Colorado

Awsome shoe! Very comfortable to skate with!! And the toe box is perfect for my feet! Keep the silos going! Dont change the way it fits!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Vladimir 1/12/20 Ireland

Good shoes

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Harmonater 1/2/20 Denver

Love es shoes. Brings me back to the old days and you can never go wrong with this colorway keep en comming es

Average rating: 4.9 stars
JimDogg 12/31/19 California

Great shoe

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Anthony 12/18/19 Toms River

Theses shoes take impact super well. My OG accels finally blew out and I slid into these. Super soft and cushioned midsole. Really well padded to protect the foot. Run on the wider side which is perfect for my feet. Probably the most comfortable skate shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. The grip and flick is great too. Good board control for a cushy cupsole. Been wearing them for a couple weeks, but only skated them twice so far, but so far so good.

Average rating: 4.9 stars

I love my zapatos gracias

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Kickprophet 11/20/19 Pleasant hill

Love them!!! Super comfortable and the nostalgia they bring from the golden era of skate shoes. I hope you guys bring back more of the styles from the late 90s early 2000s.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Kyle 11/14/19 Virginia beach

My fifth pair of silos.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
JimDogg 11/13/19 Huntington Beach

more re-issues

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Charles Rodney Lines II 11/12/19 Upland ,California, U.S.A.

Buttery smooth, cloud-like feel w/ a fresh n' funky exterior color! I'll definitely be purchasing another pair in the near future.....

Average rating: 4.9 stars

Yo ès! Your shoes are SICKK appreciate everything about em! Every new show yall release I want em! Follow me on ig @atreyx 🤘🤘🔥

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Matt 9/21/19 Fort Collins

It’s been years since I’ve had a pair of ES shoes and they are just as awesome as I remembered!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Phlegg Yamms 8/31/19 Salt Lake

e'S shoes fit my feet like a glove, specifically the OG Accel. Didn't think a shoe could fit better than those. These somehow do. I think I like them too much to skate them.. may need a 2nd pair to tear.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Shannon 8/23/19 Perth WA

I absolutely love them great buy

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Tetris 8/2/19 Washington

Best skate shoe I’ve ever skated. Hands down. Had to buy myself a few pairs. Wish I bought more of this color and the grey.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
clayton 7/18/19 Guam

I bought 4 pairs of silos, shipped em to my homie in baltimore, i arrived here from Guam lastnight. i just laced em all up and they are f*****n sick! please open international shipping to Guam please:) we have reliable FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL services here on island and i know many of us in the skate scene would love to have your gear shipped straight to us. please see what you guys can do and hit me back at thanks so much you guys, i cant wait to skate these when i get home. and get better kelly!!!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Collin 7/14/19 Westminster

Extremely well cushioned shoe with amazing ankle support as well. Super comfortable but not well suited for people who tighten the shit out of their shoes like me in the long term. They definitely skate better with loose laces on bigger feet. Maybe buy a half size down.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Yoshi 7/12/19 Bell gardens

Best shoes ya can possibly get very comfortable and gots so much style thank for keeping me fresh 💯💯💕💕🙏

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Adrian 4/30/19 NC

I now have two pairs. The shoes are ready to skate straight out of the box. They are light, breathable, comfortable, and worth the price. They also absorb impact pretty well. I will probably buy another pair soon.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Felipe Andre Cuitiño Aguilera 4/11/19 Chile, Arica

Hola quiero comprar este producto

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Sancho 3/20/19 San Diego

Classic / Retro meets new school ! Don brown is still the man ! Skate ES !

Average rating: 4.9 stars
April 3/15/19 Saraland al

Bought these for my husband as a gift, he loves them, and says there so comfortable!!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
AC 3/12/19 Oxnard

Best skates ever

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Stoney t 3/11/19 Wa

Amazing throwback shoe! Hoping Es keeps these as a staple. They’re comfy and skate ready right out of the box. I have the all black color way and I haven’t fully finished skating them since I wanna wait till I can buy another pair but these kicks fresh. Scoop a pair

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Am I telepathic? 3/7/19 Thaxted

Love this shoe!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
afar25 3/7/19 Los Angeles

This shoe fits like a glove, it's like the shoe hugs your foot, they're puffy yet light and looking down it takes me back to the 90s

Average rating: 4.9 stars
LT 3/2/19 Az

Right out of box they look and feel amazing on of my all time favorite es to skate

Average rating: 4.9 stars
ad 1/25/19 firenze italy

awesome shoe

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Adrian 1/17/19 NC

Slightly better than the Schemes as the midsole is noticeably softer and are ready to skate directly out of the box. For an in-depth review watch my YouTube video.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Drew 1/3/19 Seattle

Everything that is great about a skate shoe, the Silo has: a balance of padding for stairs and sufficient board feel for ledge and flat ground terrain, great kickflip toe box, and I think most importantly a dope ass Menikmati era aesthetic. I am truly psyched that I bought them. Make more. Also re-release the Koston 2 please. Love you guys, thanks!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Ryan 12/31/18 Bedford

Amazing shoe, bring the old style back!!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Metalhead 12/31/18 london

Not bad

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Marin 12/29/18 Croatia

Great shoes, they fit true to the size and have great cushioning. Super comfortable.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Emericaridr11 12/22/18 Denver, CO

Haven't skated yet but out of the box these are a bit more bulky than I had pictured (slightly more bulky than my OG Accels) but quite comfy... has a nice round looking toe, big poof, decent ankle support, seems to run true to size... Ill skate the crap out of these but I think I can finally say that something like this is too bulky but something like the slims is to slender.... Love eS!! Head to toe eS!!!!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Glen112 12/6/18 Chile

Hello friends, I would like to buy this shoes, but I live in Brazil... It’s possible?

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Karoly 12/5/18 London / Budapest

Feels light, nearly as barefoot, yet its a massive one! Sole feels rigid yet its flexi enough, totally happy with it. Lets wore it a bit and I might update this review ;) Big up éS on this one(also)!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Joe 12/1/18 Èssex, UK

When will the grey/crystal/blue dropping? 🤣