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éS footwear was created in 1995 by skateboarders to advance and innovate footwear to keep up with the progression of the sport. The Scheme is one of the more advanced shoes that set the direction for all others to follow. This highly demanded reissue is a mirror of the original with its super comfortable Energy Foam midsole and overall iconic design. For those seeking style on and off the board - the Scheme is for you.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000164/030
  • Energy Foam Midsole
  • Deep Flex Grooves
  • Maximum tongue and foam padding
  • TRP molded eyelets
  • 400NBS rubber outsole
  • Custom TPR molded logos
  • Breathable mesh on underlays
  • Reflective PU highlight detail
  • Die Cut EVA insole

SCHEME reviews (64)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.98 stars

Average rating: 4.98 stars
scott 1/15/21 Finland

Such a nostalgic shoe, went up ½ sz, but should've gone up 1 sz, even tho I got slim feet. Skating these, as soon as the winter is over.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Creature 1/2/21 Texas

I'm 36 and only can skate 5 to 7 hours a week. I don't jump down massive gaps and kinda just stick to flat ground and manual pads. Just over a month of skating and the toe cap is still in place, only minor wear and tear from skating, and they still fit like day one. Board feel gets better as they break in. Built like a puffy tank, these shoes are just as good at taking punishment as the originals. Please don't stop making them.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Paul 12/30/20 Raleigh, NC

These are lighter than they look! The feel is amazing but get a half size up! I wear a 10 1/2 and ordered that size. Feet are alittle tight and snug but not a big deal, they will stretch out the more I wear them and skate them.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
topwL 12/29/20 Barcelona ('s soutn mountains), Spain

I luv these Scheme! Super stylish and comfy & fonky!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Bringin' back the 90's 12/11/20 Portsmouth

Favourite shoe of all time, on my 3rd pair now, I was SO happy to see the reissues, please keep making these in all the colours (Navy/gum would be very nice ta!!)

Average rating: 4.98 stars
FaT Marlin 11/26/20 Texas

Everything I remembered them to be. Snug, comfy, with timeless style

Average rating: 4.98 stars
West 11/25/20 Dallas tx

Keep the 90’s/early 2000’s shoes coming!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
FaT Marlin 11/23/20 Texas

Loved them in highschool, early 2000's, love them now. Bought a pair about a month ago. Fits like a glove and are everything I remembered them to be.... So I had to buy a second pair. The purple laces that come with the shoes are clutch.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Jonser 11/3/20 Ontario california

Hands down the most balanced comfortable , durable shoe I've ever worn . Es you have absolutely made a masterpiece. Also thank u for your legit customer service. I appreciate you and thank u for helping me take care of the mail delivery problem. Thank u . Great shoe.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Jonser 10/9/20 Ontario california

Opening the box and pulling back the paper to unveil these shoes was like rounding third base. .. these shoes are a home run . ( Disclaimer. I used baseball a metaphor for sex as a comparison to how dope these shoes are.) I'm high. Great shoes

Average rating: 4.98 stars
M. 7/28/20 Luxembourg

The reissues no longer have the air bubble but I think the Schemes actually look better without them. Note: These shoes run small so I suggest going half a size up from your regular eS size.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
toss out 5/19/20 Italy

good shoes!:)

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Samy 5/5/20 France

Great old school, seems like NASA boot, but so nice

Average rating: 4.98 stars
King-Born22 4/10/20 Roma italy

Very good shoes i love it

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Caustic 5/9/19 Uk

I had 6 pairs of these back in the day you don't know how happy I am that you brought them back. A friend of mine reckon the OSIRIS D3 were the best but obviously, in my eyes the ES Scheme Were the bad boy trainers for me.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
DanLowe 11/30/20 Hernando, FL

Awesome shoes. Tough, well made kicks. Many a compliment. Ordering a second pair soon

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Lefty 7/17/20 Connecticut

So comphy and true to size

Average rating: 4.98 stars
b 7/14/20 australia

is it wrong to love a shoe?

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Johnny Star 7/10/20 Clermont

Gorgeous shoe and very comfortable. My boyfriend loves it when I rock em...

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Robbo 7/7/20 USA

Being back the original kostons in white/royal blue. Best skate shoes ever!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Dab Marino 6/4/20 Rochester,Ny

The schemes rule and are super comfy

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Rath the Angel 5/9/20 New York

Man my feet feel secure and protected. Skated a couple days so far. Kick flips ollies shiv its, nothing fancy. And they’re holding up fine

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Maciej 5/8/20 london

bring back Koston 2's please and i'll buy them all

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Curry 4/24/20 Texas

I love these shoes! Been wearing es since the 90s. Classic brand with classic shoes

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Bobby 4/17/20 Terryville

Grabbed a pair of these since I could not get the tribo black grey and red or the 2001 Spartas those where sick shoes. Thank you guys.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Jake 4/14/20 Florida

Love the retro shoes!!!! Please bring back more. I have bought all 3, tribo, sprata, and schemes. You have to bring back the Muska’s, Arto’s, and Koston’s!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Dave 4/11/20 New Hampshire

Old school puffy skate shoes are the best. Love the scheme and wish they brought back the yellow and the white and navy. Anyone remember the Quattro? My favorite es shoe ever please reissue!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Benski 3/18/20 El Paso Texas

Wish I could have got every color!!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Jaime Chaøs 3/18/20 Atlanta, Ga

Since I've started skating back in 2000, I've always been a fan of the big, puffy shoe style. The Scheme was one of the first 3 pair of core shoes I ever worn. Aesthetics aside longing for the airbag, this shoe is just as good as it was 20 years ago! Built to Last! Thanks éS for coming back to form!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Logan 3/13/20 New Zealand

Happy as always with my Schemes. Such a dope shoe. Looking forward to more colourways too! Thank you

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Chris 3/12/20 Houston

These are INSANE!!!!!! My favorite part has to be the BLUE BOTTOMS!!!!! I'll take these in any color i can get them!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Charles Rodney Lines II 3/10/20 Upland, California

I'm lovin' my GREY/ROYAL/WHITE's so much I'm gonna have to cop the BLACK/RED joints!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Slim 3/10/20 fargo

Great came out looking good. True to size, no complaints other then the factory mistake. But I'm more than happy

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Rich 2/28/20 England

Thank you és. These are the best shoes ever I have had about 20 pairs over the years they always used to crack around the air bubble but now that’s gone dare I say these are improved versions. Please re-issue the navy/gum and the black/tan they were always the best colour ways and I would probably buy 5 of each.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Slimpickkns 2/21/20 FARGO

Es Scheme fits true to size. Good materials and comfort. A little harder to break in cause they puffy. But who doesn't like a phat shoe like that?

Average rating: 4.98 stars
PTSk8er05 1/28/20 Longview

Bring back the Koston 3!!! Best looking and preforming skate show ever!! So many colors too! Love love love em! Make it happen ES!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Chris 10/12/19 Los Angeles

Please reissue Koston 1,2,3 They were the best skate shoes ever made. Used pairs go for $600 on eBay! I would definitely stock up if you were to reissue.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Matty May 9/6/19 Wyckoff, NJ

It's about time es listened to the die hard fan base and brought these shoes back. These bring back nostalgia and are still the best skate shoe I have owned. I have been waiting for a rerelease of these shoes for YEARS!!!! I bought both colors and would loveeeee more colors from back in the day to come back!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
brando 8/21/19 Barrie, Ontario

Bring back the Koston 3 already!!! Sickest skate shoe ever made! Swear I would buy 5 pairs of every colour lol.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
BigMike 4/20/19 Jacksonville

These shoes were my favorite shoes growing up. Still just as comfortable and stylish as they always were.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Seoz03 4/19/19 Cincinnati

Best damn shoe company on the planet. Didn’t even make this show in my size, and I still swooped. Thank you for all your contributions to skateboarding ♨️♨️

Average rating: 4.98 stars
SurferMatt 4/19/19 Maine

I've been purchasing eS shoes since I was in High school. eS has always made the best looking, most comfortable and most durable shoes. Lucky enough to get my hands on a couple pair of Scheme reissues. What a trip down memory lane. Hopefully they keep that reissue train rolling. Long live eS!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
W8ksurfer 4/11/19 Washington

You guys need to bring back the Sparta from 2001. Those were the best ever.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Coldi 4/7/19 Finland

An awesome reissue, looks great to this day and is one of the best skatehoes out there!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Chase M 4/3/19 Virginia

Be'St shoe released in over a decade. I own two Schemes and refuse to buy anything besides retros now. I can't wait until the Symbol retro comes out because I will not ever buy a slim skate shoe again. Please keep it up and don't make phat shoes just a limited thing. These are built to last unlike all the slims.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Rick 4/1/19 Idaho

I am so happy they brought these back!! All time favorite shoe. I have been waiting for a new pair for years!! Thank you ES!!!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
VladimirSoltanov 3/27/19 Venice

I love you, guys. Thanks for Scheme remake.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
1love 3/24/19 Nottingham

Keep on making these bought 2 pairs just in case Classic skate shoe A boarder since 1977

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Ojii 3/21/19 France

Super color way pour cet été! Elles compéteront les deux autres paires sortie il y a quelques mois. Merci éS!!! YéS! ;)

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Luke 2/27/19 Lyon

Les meilleures chaussures de tous les temps !

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Djouss 2/8/19 Paris

Happy to see old great shoes. Keep to bring us shoes from golden era. I want muska and koston 2 back but i know its impossible for now. Keep an eye on tribo please 😄

Average rating: 4.98 stars
DOM 2/8/19 Australia

Good to see these again. too bad you dropped the air bubble … probably too costly.. Please reissue the KOSTON 3 guys , they're the best skateboard shoe ever!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Jo 2/4/19 France

Crazy!! Scheme are the symbol of all a lovely period for skateblard and footwear!! And please, dear dear és team, re-édit the absolutely amazing koston 3 , bedt shoes ever!to be able to have it again would be a dream! And also the Cyber, Diode, Tribo, Burquist 2, Koston 2... But more than all, we want Koston 3!!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Dr WiZard 1/28/19 Belgium

Jaw dropping awesome! Please keep dropping retro's (some suggestions): 1997 Koston 1999 sword 2002 Arto 2003 Penny 2005 Maccel 2006 ATK 2008 Liad 2009 drome 2010 Saga :-)

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Godsauce 12/26/18 Fort Collins, CO

Do you have any more coming available???? Have been sporting Restro Osiris D3 and there is ABSOLUTELY no comparison!!! Scheme was the BEST shoe EVER made in the history of the world!!!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
John 12/6/18 Switzerland

I freak out! so cool! i had the black/blue one. please reproduce more!

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Gerardo bytez 11/30/18 Perú

Great !!! Best drop , that bring me to my golden years thanks a lot I love es schemes, please make more retro models

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Marin 11/29/18 Croatia

Amazing cushioning and comfort. Great looks when paired with baggy pants.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
ad 11/29/18 firenze

awesome reissue and awesome shoes very comfy and durable.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Hernan 11/21/18 chile


Average rating: 4.98 stars
Jonski 11/7/18 Chinle, AZ. Navajo Nation

Thank You for bringing these back! Started skating in 94'.. these hit home.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Negatif 11/5/18 Czech Republic

it's great to go back to the old bot models. The classic is beautiful. will there be others?

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Lion_on_the_roof 11/3/18 UK

Bought the white Size UK9. The quality of the materials used to make these are amazing ! You can feel how solid these shoes are... and the way they look.. nostalgic as can be. Only thing I regret is not buying more pairs ! Thanks ES for making these again.

Average rating: 4.98 stars
Stefano piovani 11/2/18 Italia

I m looking this shoes for more Years