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The SQUARE THREE is perfection when it comes to skate shoes. With the style details of the Square 1 and Square 2 blended together this shoe has quickly become a éS team rider (and employee) favorite! Simple yet effective in pushing your skating and style above and beyond.

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000159/475
  • Inspired by both the Square One and
  • Square Two
  • Vulcanized construction for board feel
  • Dual lacing system
  • Clean toe for the perfect flick

SQUARE THREE reviews (13)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.85 stars

Average rating: 4.85 stars
David 9/25/19 Marion


Average rating: 4.85 stars
TWO STORY 8/15/19 New Hampshire

Best skate shoes ever. This is the 4th or 5th pair that I’ve had and I hope they keep making them forever. Probably all I will ever skate.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Sora 8/8/19 Los Angeles

Very comfortable and stylish, would definitely recommend the square three to skate!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
J boy 7/17/19 washington

Literally the bèSt shoes in skateboarding

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Combatyoga 7/1/19 Houston, TX

So comfortable! Very well padded and lots of support. I can easily wear them all day and my feet feel great. Love the "bone" colorway, too. Really solid shoe.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Miiike 6/18/19 Il

These are one of my favorite pairs. Super comfy

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Adam 5/14/19 Wisconsin

Best vulcanized shoes I've ever skated! Definitely get these.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
oddmanout 5/14/19 Florida

Look good, get a lot of compliments from non skaters saying how nice they look. Great board feel! If you’re a fan of the square series shoes, these are great! Feel like I’m 13 years old again skating in my square ones! Same feeling

Average rating: 4.85 stars
JK 5/10/19 LA

great shoes, great feel. es need to please make a vegan model tho!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Ooph man 4/20/19 San diego

These shoes are Ooph! People were hyped on the color way. Thank you Es!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Jim 3/15/19 Liverpool

I'll be buying another pair.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Dom974 3/5/19 Australia

Awesome shoes! They are comfortable right out of the box. Not as skinny as I expected which is great for protection but not bulky by any means. Classic vulc boardfeel. Happy man

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Ryan 3/1/19 NY

I used to skate, now I am a cop. Nah, just playin' but these shoes are definitely super comfy and have a lot of cushion. Unfortunately I cannot skate anymore due to a bad back injury, but these are a great look and feel off the board for sure! Thanks for the quality product guys.