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éS was created in 1995 to advance skate comfort, style and function to new levels. The ACCEL Slim is a modern day version of the ACCEL OG in a mid top to protect the ankles and add extra style points

Product Details

Item Code: 5101000147/979
  • Mid Top style to improve ankle stability
  • Advanced Cupsole Construction Provides excellent Durability, Boardfeel, and Grip to increase Ollie Control
  • STI Insoles for Supreme Comfort, Durability & Grip
  • Premium Quality Suede Upper for Longevity and Style
  • Perforated Side Panel for foot Ventilation and fresh style
  • Iconic éS branding on Tongue, Heel, Insole & Lower Center Lace loop

ACCEL SLIM MID reviews (60)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.75 stars

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Adam 3/9/21 Florida

Fits like a glove and the compression really helps during long skating sessions

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Didier du skatepark 6/26/19 France

Awesome shoes, ready to skate. Love them.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Rob Zuruncle 6/24/19 Scotland

Great shoes! Super comfi. I usually only wear éS. Keep it up SoleTech

Average rating: 4.75 stars
antoñio 7/20/20 Washington

Very good shoe, saved my ankles from getting hurt as well as being comfy and stylish. I do wish that they would make an all black version of this shoe though.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Tundrashaper 6/29/20 Seattle, WA

The best skate shoe (all-round comfy kickit shoe) I've owned to date! Straight out of the box, the insoles are ultra comfortable, while the mid provides the necessary ankle support I need. Almost a month later, left sole shows minimal wear compared to other skate shoes I've owned. Stoked to wear n ride. Thanks, ES!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Psycho City Skateboards 6/27/20 Sacramento

These shoes are dope !!! Put in a pair of FP insoles and they are even better 👍

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Leo Garcia 6/9/20 Oxnard

Love the brand. Always makes great shoes that look awesome. A little disappointed with the accel slim models, has the look of the èS Square One but does not live up to its quality and overall feel. Still an awesome shoe.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Boomba 6/2/20 Michigan

First off, éS skateboarding has been around for a long time and they've been making some of the best skate shoes since they started. The mid-top on the shoes is perfect. It is just high enough to protect your ankle from getting smoked by your board but as a good balance between the shoes hugging your feet and being a little loose around the ankle for good mobility for all my flip tricks. Also, the flick on these shoes is phenomenal. I’m talking super suede!! I do wish that the insole and the midsole on the shoes was a little thicker but that's because I am a big guy and I habitually stomp all my tricks For no reason! It's a real problem in my life, but éS sells an upgraded insole that works great. I would recommend the shoes to anybody.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
DW519173 4/28/20 Watertown, NU

I like the look of these shoes. More importantly, as a taller guy it’s hard to get jeans long enough to cover my ankles. Normally I wouldn’t care but road rash on the ankles and getting hit with a board on that bones is rough! I only wish the soles absorbed a little more impact. Other than that impact, great shoes. I’m on my second pair now.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Nicolette 12/2/19 Pennsylvania

THE BEST SKATE SHOE EVER. They are perfect because they cover your ankles but they dont limit you like other high-tops do. I skate pretty hard, at least 5 times a week. Other skate shoes I wear (Lakai, Nike SB, and Vans) and get holes in them in about a month. These shoes lasted me 8 months and they are just now starting to lose their grip. Totally worth the extra money.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Arpad 11/3/19 Budapest

Best shoes ever! Please make them available in the EU again!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Ludo 8/14/19 Panama

Awesome customer service, awesome product, thanks !

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Macho 8/1/19 CT USA

Seriously the best shoe i ever skated. Ready out the box no need to break these bad boys in! The comfort and durability is unmatched and for this price you can buy two pairs and have great shoes that will last you a longer time then the so called competition. This shoe has changed skateboarding for me forever! I want the Tom Asta Mids Back , basically the same shoe as far as design and comfort but the Asta color way was amazing!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Jacob 7/5/19 Australia

If there was a 10 star option I'd give it! These shoes are awesome! Comfy and awesome for flip tricks, mid cut shoes but has a low cut feel because the ankle part is like a sock but gives support. Feels awesome to stand on the board and they've got a really good board feel, they're lasting well also, they still look new and I've had a few skates in them

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Ripper Niner 7/1/19 WI

These are legit it just hurts when the board comes down on the top of your foot compared to Accel OG's.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Nicolette 5/22/19 Philly

This is the best shoe I've ever skated in. Super comfy and protects your ankles without being too bulky or stiff. Also, Im a girl and this is a mens shoe - if youre a girl, you know the problems of finding good skate shoes that fit right. I've been skating for 18 years, and you can guarantee I'll never skate in any other shoe. 'es should sponsor me - thanks :D

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Rosco 5/18/19 Ukiah

Great shoe.. fits well durable and comfortable for everyday wear. 10/10 I would buy them again.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Steez 5/16/19 WI

Great shoes! I would suggest adding elastic straps on each side of the tongue to hold it in place. the tongue sometimes shifts to the side which can be annoying.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
D0phlaming0 5/8/19 Seattle WA

Overall great shoe but don’t last long if you do a lot of heel flips. Got a hole on the side of the shoe less then 2weeks of skating them.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Overdosenyc 4/24/19 Brentwood New York

The best!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Chris 4/23/19 Wilmington

Super comfy and love skating in them. About to order another pair of shoes from y’all now haha. Thanks y’all!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Carter T 2/12/19 Mississippi

Awesome shoe I love them and wear them all the time

Average rating: 4.75 stars
lifetimelaker10 1/9/19 El Monte

These are at the top of my rotation of shoes.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Emericaridr11 12/22/18 Denver, CO

Great looking shoe, the Tom Asta White Mids are so clean and good looking that I swear I can do flip tricks cleaner (or maybe I just feel "cooler").... but the shoe does not run true to size, I ordered a 9 and it for sure feels more like a 10... I put my thick footprints in them (finally a use for these stupid big footprint insoles) but it just doesnt feel right.... the shoe is either way to floppy and toe'sy or just slightly off feeling with FP insoles..... AMAZING LOOK, egg crate midsole with no "even weight distribution" is super uncomfortable on my heels though... Get rid of the egg crate midsole or at least add some layer on top so it doesnt blast right trough the crummy stock insoles (or ship them with the better sti insoles?)

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Roshkat 12/12/18 Hermannstadt

Super quality. Super service.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
9582 11/7/18 Sactamento

Es is my favorite shoe company,always 5 stars

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Saucy 11/3/18 NY

Very comfortable and great fit. It’s hard to find mid top skate shoes these days but there are perfect! I would buy another pair

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Richard 10/24/18 Germany

Really fresh and stylish. Also very nice on the foot.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Wade B 8/13/18 Canada

Amazing shoe! Picked up a pair today and had the best day skating. Love the mid size extra support for the ankle!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Nemo 8/10/18 Reno

Love the look but the soles are PAPER thin. Thinnest feeling show I have skated more feeling then Van’s Volcs by far

Average rating: 4.75 stars
00.slev 8/8/18 Davis ca

Hella dope shoes

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Macho 7/30/18 CT USA

Great Shoe. In general ES has been killing it for years and i just recently tried a pair of these for the first time, over the years i have tried all the different brands and ill tell you what STICK TO BRANDS THAT ONLY MAKE SKATE SHOES. These a ready out the box and still intact after heavy duty shreddage for the last two months. Just got another pair. Highly Recomended.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Donald 7/24/18 Napa, CA

Definitely a durable skate shoe. Holding up really nicely after a month of heavy skating. Comfortable too, although I immediately swapped out the insoles for some FP insoles. This was problematic. The stock insole may have been just fine, but when I took them out, I found the glued portion of the insole wasn’t removed easily, and fragments of the glue and insole remained. I then found out the shoes were too snug with the new insoles, and the stock ones were ruined during extraction. I put in some cheaper, and thinner, insoles. After a couple of weeks I noticed the shoe had stretched out some, and were then able to accommodate the high quality FP insole. So, if they feel a little tight at first, they do get broken in after a short amount of time. Overall great shoe. Big fan.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Heinz 7/23/18 Germany

Shoes are verry fine. Only thing is the left lace is by far to long. more than 10 inch.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
sean 6/19/18 philly

shoes are sick. I always have trouble breaking in new shoes but there was no need in these. The insoles are amazing and were sinking in like pillow when I walked. definitely my favorite shoe now

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Jonas 6/14/18 Chicago

I remember falling in love w/ Nike SB 6.0, which instantly became my favorite shoe..but shortly after they got discountinued. Ever since I couldn’t find anything like it, until éS..these shoes are comfortable, durable, stylish, and everything you could ask for. Glad to say éS brought back the nostalgia, and I highly doubt there’s anything better out there..

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Jon 6/5/18 Alberta

The shoes look stylish and appear to be well made. The tongue is fairly thin and I wish there were more heal cushioning...I am used to old school skate shoes though.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Nick 5/26/18 leadville

Mad durability and best feel. Good to see ya back Es

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Mike 5/15/18 Washington

Absolutely sleek yet comfortable feel. I highly recommend getting a .5 size bigger than what you normally wear if you haven't bought Accels before. But other than that it's a great pair to have in your collection!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Fuzzy 5/8/18 Feasterville, Pa

Supper happy fun shoe!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Michael Rowe 5/2/18 Las Vegas

Amazing shoes. Super hyped for Tom Asta to have this colorway. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Splatkitkat 3/23/18 UK

I only wear Accel slims now as these are smart enough for anything other than skating. Love them!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Og skateboard company 3/11/18 Florida

This show is no exception to the comfort and durability ice grown to love about es.However this show has so many possibilities for style variations. For instance to add the air woke from the Koston 1s or the creager and call them the accel slim mid 1.5 . Or even if it is possible to mimick the heel from the axion Kareem or Kahali would be dope for all. Accel slims and call them the accel slim trainer. I recommend this because I have gnarly heel bruises and the sol technology implemented by es is one of the reasons I've always been happy with your products.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Haqeem 3/10/18 Singapore

My first above ankle cut shoe. Extremely comfy and stylish.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
zerosk8er 3/10/18 san antonio,tx

es aremy favorite pair of sk8 shes growing up accel are my go to love that y'all are back

Average rating: 4.75 stars
dp.o.p 3/9/18 Houston

Loving the mids they skate so good,definitely will come back 💯~derrick

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Sam aka be easy 2/23/18 Hobart Indiana

Been waiting for this one for along time now,I’m proud I was able to get these,I love the mids Don and Kelly I’m gonna stay dream chasin and this year is my year also 🙌🙌🙌I can feel it 🏆✨🏆✨🏆

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Krispy 2/20/18 Crab Apple NY

These are awesome shoes, they are very comfortable. I diddnt realize they're mostly black, they look all grey in the picture but are much cooler in actuality

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Dennis 2/13/18 Orange

Lightweight, grippy, broken in right out of the box

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Marz 12/26/17 Reno Nv.

Second pair and they still fit True to size. Takes a few hours to break in and they skate great

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Tyler 12/7/17 Southwest Missouri

Comfy and a bit more protected from ankle biters and cold mfs. The accel design is still one of the best designs in skateboarding, and this is a great take on them. Haven't skated them yet, looking forward to it.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Hanbo 12/1/17 Chicago

Comfortable. Flexible. Thin enough for board feel yet durable. Mids have good ankle and heel support. Personally, I should have got a half size smaller shoe than what I got. A little too much toe space than other shoes I own in this size. Not noticable trying on the shoes and walking around, but a little too much excess for flip tricks when skating. More of a trial and error on my part. I used to skate the OG accel back in the day but those were very padded. Haven't bought skate shoes for several years and wanted to try these first. I've already ordered 2 more pairs of es shoes (another mid slim accel, and swift 1.5). I find the style, quality, durability, and comfort meeting my high expectations for these shoes. Only complaint is interior heel logo rubs off in less than a day. Not that that matters. But, if you skate stairs or anything with very hard landings, you should consider adding insoles for these.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Swagalee 10/23/17 Finland

Easily my favorite skate shoe ever. Been skating es shoes (mostly Accel) since the 90's and never knew I wanted mid top ones until I bought my first pair, never going back!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Blake 10/12/17 N.C.


Average rating: 4.75 stars
Rob James 5/6/17 NYC

These are some true skateboarding shoes. Very very comfortable. They break in after just doing a few tricks.I love the mids for a little bit of extra ankle protection.since being released I have probably purchase between 15 to 20 pairs and skated them to death

Average rating: 4.75 stars
jrod78414 5/3/17 corpus Christi

Stylish and feels prefect on the foot

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Ryan 4/22/17 NY

Really great shoe! Very comfortable and fun! It's so cool to have some eS sneakers again! I have the white and gum in the low top and they are really comfortable too! Fun!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
OlinEngel 4/12/17 Cali

Love these shoes super comfy while skating

Average rating: 4.75 stars
jrod78414 4/7/17 corpus christi

Just copped the slim mids black and grey. Wow they look even better in person amazes on the board feel. Have the tan brown the leather feels thicker on the black grey. They look very stylish would recommend to anyone. Yesss

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Marz 3/15/17 Reno NV

The shoes fit to true size and the Safari print makes them stand out. Love these shoes.