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Average rating: 4.4 stars

Average rating: 4.4 stars
Swil 2/2/19 Charlotte, NC

Now my new favorite shirt. Bout to order 5 more...

Average rating: 4.4 stars
Dan 1/18/19 Australia

Every time I order a heap of stuff from you guys and girls it arrives on time and it’s good quality stuff :) Cheers everyone !

Average rating: 4.4 stars
Felipe Zuluaga 12/26/18 Colombia

Hello guys; This is Felipe from Colombia, I'm always been a hugh fan of your brand. The clothes that I buyed, all came on ok, and I felt glad to had those. Thanks.

Average rating: 4.4 stars
Joeller 5/27/18 Sweden

I am not really sure about the cut of this long sleeve. First I have been a bit disappointed but I am starting to love it. It has very short sleeves though, but if you roll up the sleeves it has a very nice look.

Average rating: 4.4 stars
Skatebay 5/12/18 Boston

I know it says pink, but the lighting in the picture makes it seem kind of like a darker shade of pink, almost like a worn out salmon type color scheme. But when I opened it, the BRIGHT pink almost blinded my eyes. I felt like a Brad/Chad when I put it on. The only Chad I want to have similarities with is Chad Muska, but my gut tells me that he wouldnt vibe with the Bright Pink. So it was a no go for me, and I donated it. Please post pictures with true lighting; if I saw this shirt in a shop, I wouldnt have any consideration to buy it. Thanks