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The premium upgraded ACCEL Plus will be sure to turn heads. This highly demanded style adds sophistication and style on and off the board. The ACCEL Plus Features a velcro strap creating a 360* wrap, suede, action leather, and STI Energy insoles.

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ACCEL SLIM PLUS reviews (10)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.8 stars

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Bill A 5/20/20 Philadelphia PA

These are amazing. LOVE the color and of course the Phillies logo on the side. 5/5. So happy és is back!!

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Steve-O 5/20/20 Murrieta, Ca

The accel skims fit amazing, nice and snug around the foot just how I like it. The philly color way is simple and clean and cant wait to pick up the LA colorway.

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Lenn Dogg 5/19/20 MD

HELLA comfortable. Broken in right out of the box. A++++

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Dan 5/16/20 Michigan

An even sturdier version of the regular slim. The added ankle strap takes me back to the accel plus from back in the day and the support it brings is much needed. Another banger from 'es

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Mrwest 5/13/20 Pittsburgh pa

Best shoe in the game

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Sheadogg420 4/9/20 Modesto California

I miss the all tan color. It held up better than these still a great shoe just miss the all brown

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Gelbage 4/8/20 Denver, CO

These shoes are even doper when you see them in person! The strap adds ankle support but I don’t even know if I’ll skate them! They so clean!

Average rating: 4.8 stars
B 2/26/20 Philly

Awesome shoes for the money. Fit perfect and are great quality.

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Brad L. 2/11/20 Salisbury NC

Shoes remain classic. I always buy shoes from Sole Tech for a good reason. They are the best. And have been since my first pair in 1997 haha Love the colorway of these with the red sole 🔥🔥🔥

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Nate 1/23/20 Maryland

Comfortable, stylish, and classy. Great shoes, although they didn’t last too long once I started skating them.